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FICE Congress 2016

Vienna, Austria

Together towards a better world for chilren, adolescents and families

Based on four starting points – history, praxis, applied science and innovation - the topics will range from the findings of the previous FICE Congress in Bern (Switzerland) in October 2013 on ‘Ways Toward Inclusion’ to other innovative ideas in the fields of:

  • youth and society
  • attachment theory
  • quality assurance
  • rights of the child
  • youth and globalisation
  • develepment
  • 'hopeless' cases
  • migration
  • training
  • new approaches in child and youth care
  • youth care and psychiatry, traumatology
  • research (results)

Participants will also be challenged to think about innovative ways of implementing the UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children and how to promote deinstitutionalisation.

FICE International was founded in 1948 under the patronage of UNESCO in Switzerland. It maintains contacts with UNESCO, UNICEF, Council of Europe and ECOSOC. It is also a member of the UN-NGO-Group on the Rights of the Child and member of ENSACT.

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