In Residence - A series of 12 papers (2011)

SIRCC 2011

A series of 12 papers written over a six-year period to provide ideas about residential practice based on current research. Re-issued in 2011 to celebrate SIRCC’s 10th anniversary.

In Residence -a series of 12 papers | PDF

The In Residence series of papers provides easily accessible material that both stretches and supports those who want to work in a more ‘evidence-informed’ way.

This re-issue has been substantially augmented with material for supervisors linked to each of the papers. We hope this will help workers look at how they can transfer the learning within the paper into practice, with the help of their supervisor. We have also asked subject experts to review the earliest papers and add their own foreword which provides a reflection on the original.

  • Resilience. In Residence No. 1. March 2003
  • Working in the Lifespace. In Residence No. 2. August 2005
  • Children’s Rights In Residence. No. 3. December 2006
  • Historic abuse in residential care: sharing good practice. In Residence No. 4, December 2006
  • Working with younger children in residential care. In Residence No. 5. June 2007
  • Conflict Resolution in Residential Child Care. In Residence No. 6. October 2007
  • Bereavement. In Residence No. 7. February 2008
  • Use of Self in Residential Child Care. In Residence No. 8. May 2008
  • Reducing Offending. In Residence No. 9. September 2008
  • Supporting Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Young People in Residential Child Care. In Residence. No. 10. January 2009
  • Understanding Autism. In Residence No. 11. April 2009
  • Supporting Transitions and Throughcare: Some Lessons from Secure Care. In Residence No. 12. August 2009

In Residence -a series of 12 papers | PDF

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