SIRCC 2022: Save the date, call for contributions, apply to present

About SIRCC 2022

Our aim for SIRCC is to provide an inspiring space for you. It’s a place to connect, share and learn practice, challenge and inspire, and celebrate success.

SIRCC is a key annual conference for all those working and living with, and within, the residential child care community in Scotland. Over the lifetime of this event, it has explored some big themes, including the power of relationships, culture, aspiration, the care journey, and pushing the boundaries of the system we exist within. It’s an annual and national opportunity that provides an important, safe and reliable space for everyone with an interest in residential child care - residential care workers including front line managers, service leads, and people working in public, voluntary and private organisations working to support children and young people – to join together in sharing insight, learning, and experiences.

We’ll be providing an opportunity for both online and in-person attendance. This is where you come in! Help us to build a fantastic programme with you!

Our theme

With the wisdom of this year’s planning group, the need for recovery and resilience for organisations and for individuals has been identified as our theme. Following two unprecedented years of managing through a pandemic, how do we improve the lives of children, young people, and their families by supporting and encouraging each other through compassionate leadership, and enhancing the wellbeing of staff who in turn build supportive relationships with children? How might we mitigate some of the impact the pressures and experiences of the last two years have caused, the increased stress, exhaustion, and burnout we’re seeing? And, what does it take to have a resilient, happy workforce?

Buoyed by Scotland’s wholescale commitment to responding to the needs of children, this is a positive time to reflect and challenge existing systems, plan and awaken new and lasting possibilities in residential child care, aligned to what The Promise identified as key priorities for children and families, what the workforce should expect and perhaps what the last two years has taught us about how we can do things differently.

As we all continue to develop our understanding of poverty, trauma, and recovery, we need to explore how organisations can support staff to adapt their practice so that the care children experience is safe they feel secure and loved.

Ideas for a focus

In building our programme for this theme, we’re looking for contributions from people and teams who are able to share perspectives on key areas of focus which could include:

  • Reflective practice and other forms of staff development and support coaching or mentoring
  • Supporting and leading change
  • Bringing our whole selves to work: touch, love and compassion
  • Approaches to recruitment
  • Establishing and sustaining relationships with colleague; or with children and young people
  • Connections and relationships with communities; or with families
  • The place and role of leadership – who leads?
  • Using stories and storytelling
  • Organisations and practice
  • Children’s rights and advocacy
  • What participation looks like in practice
  • Using creativity in practice
  • Innovation in services for disabled children and young people
  • The use of restraint and restrictive practice

Why apply?

Bringing together practitioners to learn and develop, share experiences, good practice, and challenges, this is an opportunity to spark, join and contribute to debate and develop ideas. We’ll work with you on your proposal. It doesn’t need to be fully formed at this stage. Perhaps it’s a workshop, a panel discussion, or presentation you have in mind? It could be in person or online. Or maybe a screening or something else, what matters is the learning that can be shared and informed by the experiences of children and young people, and from colleagues in practice, research, policy, and academia.

Is it for me?

We welcome contributions on the theme and focus ideas from practitioners, at all levels, care experienced young people and adults, students, researchers, and partners. We encourage a co-production approach to your contributions, in both preparation and delivery, with care experienced young people and/or in partnership with another service provider or corporate parenting organisation.

If you’re not sure but have a potential idea, please get in touch. We are happy to work with you and help to shape and develop the idea. If you’ve never applied or delivered at SIRCC or another event before, this is could be your year – we’re here to help and support you throughout the process.

We’ll be running online drop-in sessions with the conference planning team, for you to come along and chat through your ideas to help you decide or formulate your workshop. We are here to help.


  • Closing date for applications is Friday 12 August.
  • If you have any enquiries about the application process or would like support to fill in the form, please contact Michelle McCue at or on 0141 444 8529.
  • The conference will be delivered over two days. We can help you to decide which way would be best for you to deliver your idea.
  • Social media – we may ask you to work with us to produce a short video or blog post in the lead up to, during, or after the conference, to allow us to share the learning for the conference even more widely.

Download the application form

This is the residential child care workforce’s event. Be challenged, inspired, and proud. Be part of it!