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Human Rights in Scotland Annual Conference 2014

Thistle Hotel Glasgow G2 3HN

The values and standards of human rights need to be better understood by civil society and public sector bodies in Scotland, to influence how they do business and so people ‘enjoy’ their human rights.

Across the public sector in Scotland, there is little evidence that human rights explicitly inform the design, delivery and funding of public services. A survey in 2010 concluded '10 out of the 42 public bodies admitted they could not provide explicit steps taken to implement or put into practice compliance with Section 6 of the Human Rights Act 1998 in the last 3 years'.

This conference aims to promote greater respect for the importance of human rights by ensuring a better understanding of the extent of the obligations and freedoms deriving from domestic and international human rights law.


  • Roseanna Cunningham MSP - Minister for Community Safety & Legal Affairs
  • Professor Alan Miller - Chair of the Scottish Human Rights Commission
  • Alastair Pringle - National Director, Scotland, Equality & Human Rights Commission

Where: Glasgow G2 3HN

When: Tue 4 March 2013

Cost: £120 - £270

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