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Leaflet on what is known about children aged less than six years who have been emotionally neglected or emotionally abused.   Read More ...


Leaflet summary of the scientific literature that describes what teenagers aged 13-18 who are experiencing neglect or emotional abuse say about themselves.   Read More ...


Information and resources on Child sexual exploitation.   Read More ...


The findings in this report arose from a focused programme of scrutiny to see whether the foundations are in place to support care services to prevent and respond effectively to child sexual exploitation.   Read More ...


The National Child Sexual Exploitation Group asked all Child Protection Committees (CPCs) to complete a self-evaluation of their activities around Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (CSE/A) in autumn 2016. CPCs were asked to rate themselves as green (in place), amber (getting there) or red (not in place) on 19 questions relating to CSE/A work, and to provide narrative comments.   Read More ...


The National Action Plan to Prevent and Tackle Child Sexual Exploitation was initially published in 2014 and updated in March 2016. This is a progress report on actions over the last year.   Read More ...


The aim of the workshops were to provide an opportunity for child protection committees to share key learning in relation to local area approaches to the care and protection of young people experiencing sexual abuse / exploitation or at risk of sexual abuse / exploitation.   Read More ...


These postcards and posters have been developed to support night-time economy staff with their role in preventing Child sexual exploitation.   Read More ...

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