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On World Food Day 2020, Paul Sullivan, Sector Engagement Lead at CELCIS, reflects on some of the existing food insecurities affecting families across Scotland and what the community-led responses during the public health emergency this year tell us.   Read More ...


CELCIS has published supplementary analysis on a survey of kinship carers' experiences during the coronavirus crisis which the charity Family Rights Group's conducted in April 2020 on behalf of the Cross-Party Parliamentary Taskforce on Kinship Care.   Read More ...


For Challenge Poverty Week 2020, this blog post from Mhairi Reid on behalf of the Life Changes Trust and their Advisory Group, takes a look at how the Young People with Care Experience Programme responded to the new challenge of COVID-19.   Read More ...


Links to hints and tips for keeping physically and mentally well during COVID-19.   Read More ...

Topic : Health and Wellbeing, SIRCC
Author : CELCIS


October 8, 2020 marks a very important moment for children and young people who experience secure care. That’s because it’s the day that the Secure Care Pathway and Standards will be launched in Scotland’s five secure care centres, celebrating the hard work, creativity and passion that children put into helping to develop these. Paul Sullivan, Sector Engagement Lead at CELCIS, explains what this mean for the future of secure care in Scotland.   Read More ...


Claire Burns, Director of CELCIS (Acting), takes a moment to consider how much we have learned that we didn’t know before the COVID-19; how this emergency has thrown a spotlight on so much of what we already knew and what this means as we work to make change happen to realise The Promise.   Read More ...


Food and other essential items are something that we have always had available for our young people in the Youth Team, Aberdeen but we were aware that when COVID – 19 hit that we would need to be more creative about how we made sure food was available for young people in a safe and structured way.   Read More ...


Elaine Hamilton, Service Manager at Nether Johnstone House describes how lockdown due to the current emergency health crisis has changed the thinking, outlooks, and actions of both the young people and the team that surround them.   Read More ...


This report has been produced by CELCIS and the University of Edinburgh and investigates how Scotland’s care leavers have been affected by digital exclusion during the COVID-19 health crisis and how local authorities have responded to these specific needs.   Read More ...


The Independent Care Review (ICR)'s evidence framework, comprising of research and evidence collated and analysed throughout the review’s three years of work as it undertook a root and branch review of care system in Scotland.   Read More ...


The Scottish Parliament's Education and Skills Committee is seeking information around the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on vulnerable children. CELCIS responded to this inquiry, sharing information on how services are responding to and supporting the needs of children and families in need of care and protection.   Read More ...


Barnardo's Scotland has published a new report 'Supervision in Education - Healthier Schools for All', which calls for better emotional and mental health support for education professionals to enab;le them to   Read More ...


The British Academy has undertaken a programme of work that seeks to re-frame debates around childhood in both the public and policy spaces and break down academic, policy and professional silos in order to explore new conceptualisations of children in policy making.   Read More ...


Many children who are in conflict with the law in Scotland do not experience ‘justice’ in the true meaning of the word. Scotland would benefit from thinking about children in conflict with the law from the perspective of rights. This represents a shift from focusing on children as troubled, challenged, vulnerable and challenging, which whilst often well-meaning and containing a partial truth, can encourage negative unintended consequences which disproportionately affect and stigmatise the most disadvantaged children.   Read More ...


The paper sets out CELCIS’ response to the consultation on Healthcare Improvement Scotland’s Healthcare and Forensic Medical Services for People who have Experienced Rape, Sexual Assault, or Child Sexual Abuse: Children Young People and Adults (Draft Final Indicators).   Read More ...


SOS Children's Villages have published 'You Have the Right to Care and Protection! The Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children in Child and Youth Friendly Language'. This guide uses accessible and clear language and illustrations to explain the rights children have if they cannot live with their parents or might be seperated from them. It is based on a document called the 'Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children' that describes what support you should receive in these situations.   Read More ...


Louise Hill talks about the impact of the Children (Equal Protection from Assault) Bill in Scotland.   Read More ...

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