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The Independent Care Review (ICR)'s evidence framework, comprising of research and evidence collated and analysed throughout the review’s three years of work as it undertook a root and branch review of care system in Scotland.   Read More ...


The Scottish Parliament's Education and Skills Committee is seeking information around the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on vulnerable children. CELCIS responded to this inquiry, sharing information on how services are responding to and supporting the needs of children and families in need of care and protection.   Read More ...


This briefing shines a spotlight on kinship care in Scotland.   Read More ...


Our response provides evidence to support the Committee’s scrutiny of the Disclosure (Scotland) Bill, designed to strengthen and simplify the disclosure system to ensure children and vulnerable adults are safeguarded. We support proposals which advance children’s rights and transform the approach to childhood convictions. We also consider changes to the PVG scheme in relation to kinship carers.   Read More ...


A new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course on permanence for social workers in England has been launched by Research in Practice (RiP) While the course is based on English legislation, much of the content is useful for all practitioners engaged in permanence practice.   Read More ...


A review of the implementation of Part 12: Children at risk of becoming looked after as set out in the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014   Read More ...


We have produced a briefing for corporate parents about the rights of care experienced people to access their records, the importancce of records to understanding their family and identity, and the duties and best practices for corporate parents when dealing with requests to access them. This briefing highlights experiences, views and needs of care experienced people, alongside research evidence, and discusses key issues for best practice.   Read More ...


The PACE Community is engaged in driving forward improvement for looked after children, and recently hosted a PACE Data Community Event, Milestones, Measures & Aims. How to incorporate the Data 'ask' into the system which looked at how data can practically be captured and analysed to drive and evidence improvement in achievement of early permanence for our looked after infants, children, and young people. The aim of the session was to look specifically at the key milestones on the journey to permanence and the data issues that these pose. We learned from examples of how local authority partnership areas have sought to address and overcome particular data issues, and shared general learning from CELCIS resulting from implementation of the PACE programme.   Read More ...


Introducing issue 12 of REACH, which explores stigma, language, perception and the representation of care and care experience.   Read More ...


The CELCIS annual Gathering PACE event took place at the Perth Convert Hall on Wednesday 7 November 2018, where we welcomed 96 delegates to the event from across Scotland.   Read More ...


The PACE (Permanence and Care Excellence) team at CELCIS hosted a Practice Echange Workshop on 15 November 2018 in Glasgow, with almost 70 delegates attending from local authorities and organisations throughout Scotland. The workshop theme was “Pre-birth planning, Assessment and “Getting it right from the start”, and included a keynote presentation by Alan Sinclair, author of 'Right from the Start', as well as talks by Linda Davidson, examples from practice from Shona Irvine, Helen Runciman and Julia Donaldson and group discussion sessions. The basis of this event was the Early Years Framework, which was published in 2008 as a ten year plan. Ten years on, we consider what the current landscape looks like in Scotland and reflect on the ambitions of the Early Years Framework, what has been achieved, what best practice might look like and how we can work towards this.   Read More ...


The UK Government’s Department for Education has published the Children looked after in England including adoption: 2017 to 2018 statistics for the year ending 31 March 2018. The statistics show that 75,420 children were looked after in the period covered, a 4% increase on 2016 to 2017. The statistics include information on demographics as well as age, gender and ethnicity, proportions of children in each placement type, and reasons for being looked after.   Read More ...


A report published by the Children’s Commissioner for England suggests there are 15,800 babies under the age of 1 considered by local authorities to be vulnerable or highly vulnerable and at risk of harm, but still living at home. The report comes as many local authorities are struggling with unprecedented financial pressures that are putting increasing strain on children’s social services.   Read More ...


Report from the evaluation of the Notre Dame Centre’s support programme for kinship families   Read More ...

Topic : Kinship care
Author : Dr Vicki Welch


Gordon Main continues the conversation on commitment, discussing the emotional investment of foster carers.   Read More ...


Kenny McGhee continues the conversation from Gordon Main’s recent blog Commitment, like love, is not enough.   Read More ...


Gordon Main talks about how commitment in the care system is not enough.   Read More ...

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