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How will bairns fair in 2017?

Jennifer Davidson blogs about what 2016 has meant for the children’s sector and what the year ahead will bring.

Concurrency: Planning for all outcomes

What’s known as concurrency planning is beginning to be adopted in Scotland, and it's a potent means of achieving permanent, stable homes and futures for the youngest looked-after children.
Topic : Adoption, Child protection, Foster care, Permanence
Author : Carol Wassell

Getting the parents' point of view across

Paul McKee is an advocacy worker who helps parents to express their views when decisions are being made about their children.

Legal opinion: We can do our bit to cut down drift in permanence planning

Jennifer McKearney, of Aberdeenshire’s legal and governance department explains how PACE has cut drift and delay in their decision making
Topic : Local authority, Permanence
Author : Jennifer McKearney

Adoption: dispelling the myths and realising the reality

The rewards of adopting can far outweigh any barriers
Topic : Adoption, Permanence
Author : Fiona Aitken

Knowing what we need to know, when we need to know it

Diana Beveridge of Scottish Government explains why improving permanence by reading the data works.
Topic : Active implementation, Permanence
Author : Diana Beveridge, Scottish Government

Peer support is empowering social workers in East Renfrewshire

How social workers sharing ideas has been inspirational for their learning and practice.
Topic : Local authority, Permanence
Author : Lesley-Ann Stewart, East Renfrewshire Council

Are you ready to pick up the PACE?

Getting ready to start on the PACE journey.
Topic : Permanence
Author : Dominique Harvey

A Passion for Permanence

Why permanence matters for looked after children, and why we must share our passion to improve.
Topic : Kinship care, Permanence, Voices of young people
Author : Aileen Nicol

The voice of children

A blog by Linda O'Neill discussing what children had to say in the recent Rees Centre report
Topic : Education, Local authority, Permanence, Voices of young people
Author : Linda O'Neill
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