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Studying ‘deinstitutionalisation’ outcomes in Cape Town: How it all happened Juliane Petersen
Successful intervention for young men who have harmed sexually: a fifty year journey to establishing an outstanding residential service Peter Clarke, Sue Brock-Holinshead
Supporting care leavers into higher education: The H.E. Handbook for Care Leavers (Who Cares? Trust, 2014) Victoria Hull
Supporting interaction in the context of residential child care Kirsi Tuomi
Supporting the emotional wellbeing of adults in child care settings during the COVID-19 pandemic Shona Quin and Penelope Noel
Supporting the religious and spiritual needs of looked after and accommodated children in Scotland Chris Barratt
Supporting young people’s experience of preparing to leave children’s homes to live independently: implications for leadership Nat O’Brien
Surviving research on sensitive topics with young offenders Nazirah Hassan
Swinging Between Lines of Fear and Blame Beverley Graham
Tangible Trauma Informed Care Daniel Johnson
Teaching lifespace working by using the lifespace in teaching Fiona Feilberg
Tell a Different Story: Some reflections on the 11th Kilbrandon Lecture and its relevance to residential child care Irene Stevens
Ten principles of residential child care Kiaras Gharabiagi
Thank God I was Taken into Care Jenny Molloy
That's what we do Craig Paul
That’s what we do! Craig Paul
The 'Named Person' debate: The case against Maggie Mellon
The ‘Care’ of children in need in contemporary Scotland: The role of positivism and performance indicators in official imaginings of childhood and wellbeing Chris Holligan, Lucy Hanson
The ‘Named Person’ debate: The case for Mike Burns
The 15th Kilbrandon Lecture (University of Strathclyde, 23 November 2017) The Right Honourable Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland
The 24 / 7 approach to improving outcomes for children affected by chronic trauma and dissociation Richard Cross
The argument in support of Scottish independence Mark Smith
The Care Leavers Annual Lecture 2016 Jimmy Paul
The Care Leavers’ Annual Lecture: University of Dundee, 30 October 2015 Laura Beveridge
The case for raising the school starting age and providing what the under-sevens really need Kate Wall
The challenges of applying principles of relational practice in child friendly spaces in humanitarian emergencies David K.Sezikeye
The Children & Young People (Scotland) Act 2014: Implications for residential care Iain Macauley
The Children's Care and Protection Data Community for Scotland.png
The Conflict between Theory and Practice in Caring for Children Shivangi Goenka and Kiran Modi
The contribution of Music Therapy to the emotional wellbeing of children in residential care Aby Vulliamy
The contribution of Music Therapy to the emotional wellbeing of children in residential care: Practitioner review Moyra Hawthorn
The development and implementation of The LAC Pack in West Lothian Janet Guild
The Duality of the Corporate Parenting Role: A Delicate Balancing Act Kristina Moodie, Debbie Nolan
The Experiences of Children and Young People with Complex Needs Being Cared For Away from Home: A Cross Border Study Kirsten Stalker, Charlotte MacDonald, Rena Phillips, John Carpenter
The Extraordinary ordinary David Grimm
The Extraordinary Role of Case Management in Daily Care Laura Horvath
The General Health, Social Networks and Lifestyle Behaviours of Young People Looked After by Local Authorities in Scotland Howard Meltzer and Deborah Lader
The good goodbye: Helping children through transitions using storytelling Claire McNicol, Ruth Kirkpatrick
The growth of love Keith White
The growth of love Keith White
The Homes from Hell? Media Perceptions of Residential Child Care Anne Clackson et al
The Hopelessness of Labels for Young People Rosie Urquhart-Stewart and Nicola Wylie
The impact of COVID-19 on kinship care: Evidence from the kinship care charity Grandparents Plus Paul McGrath and Lucy Peake
The impact of providing a continuum of care in the throughcare and aftercare process. Caroline Chittleburgh
The implications of self-directed support for residential child care Simon Duffy
The importance of champions: Developing national guidance for the external management of residential child care establishments in Scotland Louise Hill, Neil Gentleman
The importance of love within the care system: Love should be a right Helen Johnston
The Kilbrandon Lecture Professor Guy Standing
The Kilbrandon Report and Disabled Children: Some reflections 50 years on Kirsten Stalker
The Limitations of Vicarious Trauma Prevention Strategies Marianne Macfarlane
The Looking After Children in Scotland Materials Jane Scott and Malcolm Hill
The Mental Health of Young People Looked After by Local Authorities in Scotland Howard Meltzer, Deborah Lader
The Named Person approach is unlikely to work Tracey Jarvis
The National Care Standards: hearing the voices of young people in residential care Irene Stevens and Pauline Boyce
The need for national leadership, partnerships and programmes to promote the health and well-being of looked after children in Scotland Steven McCluskey
The new direction of the social foster care system in Japan Norifumi Senga
The orphanage industry: Flourishing when it should be dying Nigel Cantwell, Emmanuelle Werner Gillioz
The other 23 hours Kirsty Hamilton
The outcomes of secure care in Scotland Andrew Kendrick et al
The Panopticon Autumn Roesch-Marsh
The participation of children and young people in the recruitment of residential child care staff in Scotland Helen Kay and Irene Stevens
The process of deinstitutionalisation and development of residential care in Bulgaria Mariela Todorova-Koleva
The Professional Career of Mark Krueger Karen VanderVen
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The psychology of emotion in restorative practice: How affect script psychology explains how and why restorative practice works David Orr
The Role of Informal Networks in the Lives of Young People Transitioning from Care Philip Teer
The role of internal managers of children’s homes in a time of crisis and change: A social pedagogic perspective from Italy Silvio Premoli
The Ryan Report in Ireland: Before and after Noel Howard