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Title Authors Year
The 15th Kilbrandon Lecture (University of Strathclyde, 23 November 2017) The Right Honourable Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland 2018
The ‘Named Person’ debate: The case for Mike Burns 2015
The ‘Care’ of children in need in contemporary Scotland: The role of positivism and performance indicators in official imaginings of childhood and wellbeing Chris Holligan, Lucy Hanson 2014
The 'Named Person' debate: The case against Maggie Mellon 2015
That's what we do Craig Paul 2020
Thank God I was Taken into Care Jenny Molloy 2013
Ten principles of residential child care Kiaras Gharabiagi 2009
Tell a Different Story: Some reflections on the 11th Kilbrandon Lecture and its relevance to residential child care Irene Stevens 2014
Teaching lifespace working by using the lifespace in teaching Fiona Feilberg 2007
Tangible Trauma Informed Care Daniel Johnson 2017
Swinging Between Lines of Fear and Blame Beverley Graham 2020
Surviving research on sensitive topics with young offenders Nazirah Hassan 2016
Supporting young people’s experience of preparing to leave children’s homes to live independently: implications for leadership Nat O’Brien 2015
Supporting the religious and spiritual needs of looked after and accommodated children in Scotland Chris Barratt 2009
Supporting interaction in the context of residential child care Kirsi Tuomi 2011
Supporting care leavers into higher education: The H.E. Handbook for Care Leavers (Who Cares? Trust, 2014) Victoria Hull 2014
Successful intervention for young men who have harmed sexually: a fifty year journey to establishing an outstanding residential service Peter Clarke, Sue Brock-Holinshead 2017
Studying ‘deinstitutionalisation’ outcomes in Cape Town: How it all happened Juliane Petersen 2019
Stories and their value: Exploring the role of storytelling in social care practice Lavinia McLean and Emmett Tuite 2016
Stigma in Childhood: Let’s Speak Out Loud Fouzi Mathey Kikadidi 2017
Staying Put & Continuing Care: The Implementation Challenge Kenny McGhee 2017
Standing on the shoulders of giants Keith White 2007
Stability in residential care in NSW, Australia: The role of the workforce Jenna Bolinger 2021
St. Andrew’s Project: Building inclusion using ‘Outcomes that Matter’ Chris Walter 2013
Something lost along the way: changing patterns of leadership in Scottish residential schools Mark Smith 2015
Some Early Economic Threads in the History of Children’s Homes Roy Parker 2017
Social media meets international Community of Interest: The LinkedIn Education of Children in Care Network Iain Matheson, Eavan Brady and Graham Connelly 2016
Social inclusion and intellectual disability in Ireland: Social inclusion co-ordinators’ perspectives on barriers and opportunities. Antonia Kenny, Dr Martin Power 2018
Social Enterprise: An appropriate model for a child and youth care organisation? Graham Bell, Lesley Fuller 2015
Social care and child welfare in Ireland: Integrating residential care leaving care and aftercare Thom Garfat 2016
Sexplanation! (Board Game) Irene Stevens 2009
Sense of place in children’s residential care homes: Perceptions of home? Alison Clark, Claire Cameron et al 2014
Seeking refuge: findings from an evaluation of the ‘Running – Other Choices’ refuge Margaret Malloch 2006
Securing safer care staff: a model for the assessment, selection and training of staff to work in residential care John Watson, Janice Gould, Gerry Sullivan and Jayne Cockerill 2006
Searching for the Holy Grail – Excellent Staff and Carers who Work with Children Kate Skinner 2003
Scottish practitioners are used to embracing change Hazel Whitters 2016
Scottish Health Network: Promoting the Health and Well-Being of Children and Young People in and Leaving Care Steven McCluskey, Elaine Greaves and Carole Kean 2001
Scottish Anti-Poverty Policy and Looked After Young People Peter Kelly 2005
Scotland's Looked After Children: best educated in class, or do they need a ‘Hole in the Wall’? Paul Lee Alan 2018
Saving the Child in Victorian Dundee Crissie Urquhart 2005
Rupert - Lizzy Understanding Achievement Hilary Ruprecht 2009
Rory: A story and resource pack for professionals working with primary school age children looking at neglect because of alcohol misuse) Peter Hassett 2009
Rolling out RESuLT: Facilitators' Experiences Delivering a First of its kind Evidence Based Intervention Training for Residential Workers Lisa Armitage 2018
Role of a Residential Placement in Preparing Children for Placement with a Foster Family Cliona Murphy 2003
Risk factors in cases of known deaths of young people with experience of care: An exploratory study Craig Cowan 2008
Right from the Start: Investing in parents and babies Mike Findlay 2018
Revisiting the Modifying Environment approach Jack Phelan 2010
Rethinking residential child care Pat Petrie 2010
Rethinking residential child care Zachari Duncalf 2010
Residential Special Schooling: The Inclusive Option! Robin Jackson 2004
Residential special education, market forces and integration: Caught between a rock and a hard place? Robin Jackson 2008
Residential childcare in Ghana: Analysing current trends and drivers Kwabena Frimpong-Manso, Antoine Deliege, Theresa Wilson and Yvonne Norman 2019
Residential child care: prospects and challenges, Andrew Kendrick, Editor Irene Stevens 2007
Residential child care: collaborative practice Charles Sharpe 2007
Residential child care practitioners in autism-specific units Irene Stevens 2011
Residential Child Care in the Spotlight: Reflections on being Involved in the BBC Series Graham McPheat 2004
Residential child care in Scotland: Themes for practice since Another Kind of Home Angus Skinner 2017
Residential Child Care in England Jonathan Stanley 2016
Residential child care and the psychodynamic approach; is it time to try again? Charles Sharpe 2006
Residential child care and mental health practitioners working together Mark Smith, Denise Carroll 2015
Research methodology applied to a comparative case study of the deinstitutionalisation of children in Bulgaria and Ukraine Chrissie Gale 2015
Representations of ‘family’ in residential care: Perspectives from residential care staff in Zimbabwe Getrude Dadirai Gwenzi 2019
Remembering Lord Kilbrandon David Hope 2015
Relationships and resilience in the time of the Coronavirus Danny Henderson and Nicki Mclaughlin 2020
Reflections on the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 Maire McCormack 2014
Reflections on lifespace intervention in social work Kathy Grant 2021
Referendum debate riposte Garry Coutts 2014
Referendum Debate Riposte Mark Smith 2014
Rediscovering Fritz Redl Jack Phelan 2013
Redirect: The surprising new science of psychological change Marijn Somers 2015
Reasons for rescuing orphans, destitute, neglected or imperilled children: analysis of the work of the Waifs and Strays Society in the late nineteenth century Annie Skinner 2017
Quality is everyone's responsibility: applying implementation science to residential care Miriana Giraldi, Alexander McTier & Robert Porter 2021
Protection through inpsection: An exploration of the effectiveness of Irish Inspection Services in relation to promoting a child's right to make a complaint in residential care Lorraine O'Brien 2008
Promoting the Spiritual Wellbeing of Children and Young People with Special Needs Robin Jackson, Angelika Monteux 2003
Promoting Rights - Protecting and respecting Children Melissa Hunt and Elaine Adams 2021
Programmes & Praxis: A Review of Taken-for-Granted Knowledge Leon Fulcher 2004
Professionally packaging your power in the supervisory relationship Frank Delano and Jill Shah 2006
Problem posing during the COVID19 pandemic Joe Gibb 2020
Practices in and attitudes towards staff vetting in children’s residential centres in the Republic of Ireland Catherine Hanley 2010
Positive images – positive effect: activities for young people and positive results Aileen Nicol 2016
Poly-theorism in the field of residential child care Terje Halvorsen 2018
Police involvement in residential child care Neil Gentleman 2009
Playing it safe: practitioner review Natasha Robinson 2007
Playing it safe Lorraine McGuinness, Irene Stevens and Ian Milligan 2007
Physical health and lifestyle choices of vulnerable young males with severe emotional and behaviour difficulties in a residential setting over 24 weeks Denise Carroll, T. Duffy, C. R. Martin 2017
Perspectives on love as a component of professional practice Jennifer Vincent 2016
Pathways through education for young people in care Ben Farrugia 2014
Passionate Supervision George Agnew 2011
Participation in residential child care in Germany Bernhard Babic and Liane Pluto 2007
Parental involvement in residential child care: Helping parents to provide a secure base Esther Geurts, Marc Noom and Erik Knorth 2011
Pakistan: Working cross-culturally using an ACEs and Trauma framework. Is it possible? Lisa Cherry 2018
Overcoming the isolating impact of COVID-19 Meaghan Vosz, Lynne McPherson, Kathomi Gatwiri and Natalie Parmenter 2020
Orphan love in the age of capital Hans Skott-Myhre et al 2016
Opening the gifts and treasures of relationship in residential child care Carey Morning 2008
Open your eyes Gavin Sinclair 2014
On the shoulders of giants (part 2) Keith White 2008
On Root/Route: Engaging nature as therapeutic partner through land praxis in residential child care contexts Shannon A. Moore & Kimberley Duffin 2020
Obituary - Roy Parker 1931 – 2017 Sonia Jackson 2017
Nutritional guidelines for residential care settings for young people John Brown 2009