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Title Authors Year
Youth Justice and workforce development in Scotland: Practice makes better! Claire Lightowler 2014
Youth Engagement and Participation in a Child and Youth Care Context Lindsay Sinclair, Melissa Vieira, Vanessa Zufelt 2019
Young people’s participation in the recruitment and selection process for secure care staff Kirsten McManus 2007
Young People in Residential Care Talk about Peer Violence Christine Barter 2003
Young People in Conflict with the Law in Scotland - 50 Years after the Kilbrandon report Bill Whyte 2014
Young people in care Claire Cameron 2020
You tell me what we can do after this: Findings and recommendations for the participation of young people with learning disabilities Charlotte Wilson 2016
Write His Story: A Response to ‘ Tell a Different Story ’ Anonymous 2014
Working with children in care: European perspectives Margaret-Anne Haggarty 2009
Working together and moving on: A human rights approach to addressing Historical Abuse Moyra Hawthorn 2015
Working on a dream Lizzie Winters & Jacqui McAlpine 2011
Working in the ‘System’ and ‘Lifeworld’: Using action research to enhance resilience and attachment in a children’s home Stan Houston 2011
Working in partnership with parents: the Triangular connection Mayaan Burnstein 2006
With mental health and wellbeing in mind Allyson McCollam 2009
Why we decided to transition from residential to family-based care Laura Horvath, Mohamed Nabieu and Melody Curtiss 2019
Why love matters: How affection shapes the brain Irene Stevens 2009
Why engaging on children rights internationally matters at the local level 2021 Days of General Discussion on Children’s Rights and Alternative Care Miriana Giraldi 2021
Why ‘Historic’ Abuse? Experiences of Children Reporting Abuse Historically Samina Karim 2017
Who else has the magic wand? An evaluation of a residential unit for younger children Susan Elsley 2009
Who Cares? Scotland: 25 Years and Still Moving Forward Deirdre Watson 2003
Who cares about feeling good? Robyn Willis 2009
What Works in Residential Care: Making it Work Lesley Archer 2002
What is harmed by relationship can be healed by relationship: A developmental / relational approach to residential treatment for young children. Elizabeth Kohlstaedt 2010
Vote 'no' to the constitutional sideshow Garry Coutts 2014
Voices of young women leaving care: “I did not have anywhere to go…so I went with a man” Petra Roberts 2021
Valuing Those Who Care for Others - The ‘SafeSpace’ Project at Kibble Mhairi Gallacher 2020
Value of Resilience as a Concept for Practice in Residential Settings Brigid Daniel 2003
Using information technology to communicate about health and wellbeing, assessment and review: Audio computer-assisted self interviewing (A-CASI) Murray Davies 2009
Using educational drama to improve outcomes for looked after children Will Barlow 2011
University of Strathclyde Summer Experience: The Impact of a Widening Access Residential Summer Programme for Children in Care Iain Mitchell 2013
Understanding the Resident Group Ruth Emond 2002
Understanding attachment patterns among orphans in residential care homes in New Delhi Aarti Thakkar, Daisy Mepukori et al 2015
Two days in Carberry Laura Steckley, Max Smart 2005
Two and a Half Cheers for the National Care Standards Kirstie Maclean 2002
Turning Ordinary Love Into Extraordinary Outcomes at East Park Liam Feeney 2020
Tribute – Brian Gannon 1939 - 2017 Merle Allsopp 2018
Trauma Informed Care for Adverse Childhood Experiences among Out-of-Home-Care Children - Developing an understanding through Case Studies from India Kiran Modi, Kakul Hai 2019
Transatlantic issues in social pedagogy: What the United Kingdom can learn from Iberoamerica Jacob Kornbeck 2013
Toronto’s First Street Kids and the Origins of Child Welfare Systems in Canada Part 2: Later years Ted Dunlop 2018
Toronto’s First Street Kids and the Origins of Child Welfare Systems in Canada Part 1: the early Years Ted Dunlop 2017
To forgive or not to forgive? Is that the question? Samina Karim, Andy Kendrick 2014
Three things about growing fruit Charlie Gracie 2019
Three strong women: from care to university lan Milligan 2005
These are our bairns: A guide for community planning partnerships on being a good corporate parent Irene Stevens 2008
Therapeutic residential care for children and youth: Developing evidence-based international practice. Jonathan Stanley 2016
The X Factor: Reflections on Containment Alastair Reid 2013
The Value placed on Everyday Professionalism David C. Lane and Robert Shaw 2020
The umbrella of boundaries love and grief Michelle Chalupa 2016
The Trouble with Trauma Howard Bath 2017
The Taboo of Love for children in care: its emergence through the transference relationship and in the system around the child Angela Evans 2019
The story of the first-ever Care Experienced History Month Charlotte Armitage 2021
The Story of Scottish Attachment in Action-Personal Reflections Kathy Grant, Edwina Grant 2011
The story of Matthew: an ecological approach to assessment Chris Walter 2007
The Ryan Report in Ireland: Before and after Noel Howard 2010
The role of internal managers of children’s homes in a time of crisis and change: A social pedagogic perspective from Italy Silvio Premoli 2015
The Role of Informal Networks in the Lives of Young People Transitioning from Care Philip Teer 2021
The psychology of emotion in restorative practice: How affect script psychology explains how and why restorative practice works David Orr 2014
The Professional Career of Mark Krueger Karen VanderVen 2014
The process of deinstitutionalisation and development of residential care in Bulgaria Mariela Todorova-Koleva 2016
The participation of children and young people in the recruitment of residential child care staff in Scotland Helen Kay and Irene Stevens 2006
The Panopticon Autumn Roesch-Marsh 2014
The outcomes of secure care in Scotland Andrew Kendrick et al 2008
The other side of the wall Laurence Wareing and Paul Gilroy 2021
The other 23 hours Kirsty Hamilton 2011
The orphanage industry: Flourishing when it should be dying Nigel Cantwell, Emmanuelle Werner Gillioz 2018
The new direction of the social foster care system in Japan Norifumi Senga 2019
The need for national leadership, partnerships and programmes to promote the health and well-being of looked after children in Scotland Steven McCluskey 2006
The National Care Standards: hearing the voices of young people in residential care Irene Stevens and Pauline Boyce 2006
The Named Person approach is unlikely to work Tracey Jarvis 2016
The Mental Health of Young People Looked After by Local Authorities in Scotland Howard Meltzer, Deborah Lader 2004
The Looking After Children in Scotland Materials Jane Scott and Malcolm Hill 2004
The Limitations of Vicarious Trauma Prevention Strategies Marianne Macfarlane 2020
The Kilbrandon Report and Disabled Children: Some reflections 50 years on Kirsten Stalker 2014
The Kilbrandon Lecture Professor Guy Standing 2017
The importance of love within the care system: Love should be a right Helen Johnston 2018
The importance of champions: Developing national guidance for the external management of residential child care establishments in Scotland Louise Hill, Neil Gentleman 2015
The implications of self-directed support for residential child care Simon Duffy 2015
The impact of providing a continuum of care in the throughcare and aftercare process. Caroline Chittleburgh 2010
The Hopelessness of Labels for Young People Rosie Urquhart-Stewart and Nicola Wylie 2021
The Homes from Hell? Media Perceptions of Residential Child Care Anne Clackson et al 2006
The growth of love Keith White 2016
The growth of love Keith White 2009
The good goodbye: Helping children through transitions using storytelling Claire McNicol, Ruth Kirkpatrick 2005
The General Health, Social Networks and Lifestyle Behaviours of Young People Looked After by Local Authorities in Scotland Howard Meltzer and Deborah Lader 2005
The Extraordinary Role of Case Management in Daily Care Laura Horvath 2020
The Extraordinary ordinary David Grimm 2020
The Experiences of Children and Young People with Complex Needs Being Cared For Away from Home: A Cross Border Study Kirsten Stalker, Charlotte MacDonald, Rena Phillips, John Carpenter 2004
The Duality of the Corporate Parenting Role: A Delicate Balancing Act Kristina Moodie, Debbie Nolan 2017
The development and implementation of The LAC Pack in West Lothian Janet Guild 2008
The contribution of Music Therapy to the emotional wellbeing of children in residential care: Practitioner review Moyra Hawthorn 2009
The contribution of Music Therapy to the emotional wellbeing of children in residential care Aby Vulliamy 2009
The Conflict between Theory and Practice in Caring for Children Shivangi Goenka and Kiran Modi 2020
The Children & Young People (Scotland) Act 2014: Implications for residential care Iain Macauley 2015
The challenges of applying principles of relational practice in child friendly spaces in humanitarian emergencies David K.Sezikeye 2016
The case for raising the school starting age and providing what the under-sevens really need Kate Wall 2017
The Care Leavers’ Annual Lecture: University of Dundee, 30 October 2015 Laura Beveridge 2016
The Care Leavers Annual Lecture 2016 Jimmy Paul 2017
The argument in support of Scottish independence Mark Smith 2014
The 24 / 7 approach to improving outcomes for children affected by chronic trauma and dissociation Richard Cross 2006