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Title Authors Year
Nurturing Group Work in a Children’s Home Maggie Bell, Helen Fay, Debbie Ramsden and Shirley Morgan 2003
Now and then: Reflections on practice Jean Cran, Irene Stevens 2018
Not again little owl Fiona Lettice 2020
New challenges for extra-familial care in Israel: Enhancing parentalinvolvement in education Emmanuel Grupper 2008
National Confidential Forum: Reflections on participant experiences Martin J. McKee 2019
Moving towards organisational resilience: A practical application of the ‘Whole System Approach’ in the secure care sector Kevin Pollock & James Gillespie 2021
More than just a bracelet: The use of material symbolism to communicate love Ruth Edmond 2016
Mindful Care: The pilot of a new mental health service for young people who are looked after away from home in Moray Jenny Makinson et al. 2009
Mind the Gap: Factors that can support responses to offending in residential child care and the challenges of implementation Deborah Nolan and Joe Gibb 2018
Meaning-Making and Intervention in Child and Youth Care Practice Thom Garfat 2004
MCR Pathways’ relationship based practice at scale: Revolutionising educational outcomes for care-experienced young people Iain MacRitchie 2019
Managing difficult behaviour How to improve relationships Erica Barr 2017
Managing children’s homes: Developing effective leadership in small organisations Margaret-Anne Haggarty 2009
Making a difference: Enhancing care experiences and post-care outcomes in Scotland with the development of a 'growth mindset' Alan, Paul Lee 2016
Love: Recognising relationships in work with vulnerable youth Hilde Marie Thrana 2016
Love in social care: Necessary pre-requisite or blurring of boundaries John Byrne 2016
Lord Kilbrandon – my grandfather Heather Shaw 2018
Looking After Health: A Joint Working Approach to Improving the Health Outcomes of Looked After and Accommodated Children and Young People Anne Grant, John Ennis and Fiona Stuart 2002
Looking after children without parents and encouraging their social integration: a Latvian perspective Inese Jurgena, Zigurds Mikainis 2005
London Facing Forward : Residential Child Care in the 21st Century Adrian Ward 2006
Lizzy: Understanding attachment and loss in young people Hilary Ruprecht 2009
Listening to Young Children: a Guide to Understanding and Using the Mosaic Approach Richard Withington 2018
Life-Space Intervention: Implications for Care Giving Kiaras Gharabaghi, Carol Stuart 2013
Life story in the context of attachment-led care planning Melanie Ferrier 2011
Life story approaches and relationships within residential child care: A practice reflection Elaine Hamilton 2019
Life after residential care; A narrative life-course case study Amanda Keller 2021
Let's Face It! Young People Tell Us How It Is Deirdre Watson 2004
Leon Fulcher reviewing: Kinship care: Fostering effective family and friends placements Elaine Farmer and Sue Moyer 2010
Legislating for love Kathleen A Marshall 2020
Left behind Reflections of residential care home managers when children leave Yesha Bhagat and Barbara O’ Reilly 2021
Leaving Care: Throughcare and Aftercare in Scotland Jo Dixon, Mike Stein 2005
Leaving Care in Scotland: The Residential Experience Jo Dixon and Mike Stein 2003
Learning with Care Training Materials Judy Furnivall, Barbara Hudson 2003
Learning from positive historical child care practice Moyra Hawthorn 2020
Learn, Achieve, Live, Succeed: The perspectives of looked after children on success Robbie Huxtable 2016
Leading good care: the task, heart and art of managing social care Graham McPheat 2015
Leadership in social care. Leadership in residential care Wendy Milne 2011
Leadership in residential child care: A relationship-based approach Nigel Horner 2015
Layers of Healing Care Shona Quin 2019
Labours of Love: The Crisis of Care Graham Connelly 2021
Kilbrandon Lecture 2015 - Alexis Jay Alexis Jay 2015
Kilbrandon Lecture Madeleine Bunting 2021
Kilbrandon Lecture Professor Manfred Nowak 2020
Kilbrandon Lecture Dame Elish Angiolini 2019
Kilbrandon – Then, now and in the future Malcolm Schaffer 2014
Key working and the quality of relationships in secure accommodation Amy McKellar, Andrew Kendrick 2013
Journeys to Identity: Why Care Records Matter Laura Brown, David Grimm, Dr Gregor Clunie 2020
John Triseliotis (1929-2012) Malcolm Hill 2013
It’s not just about the adults! Judy Furnivall 2018
Is it love? A study of young people’s personal impressions and experiences of relationships in residential care in a Norwegian treatment collective. Arvid Lone, Erik Paulsen 2018
Introduction and preamble Laura Steckley 2010
Interview with Graham McPheat Leslie Hicks 2015
Inspiring and Creative Ideas For Working with Children, How to Build Relationships and Enable Change Linda O'Neill 2017
Inspecting for positive outcomes Bryan Livingstone 2010
Innovation and impact in residential services Janice Nicholson 2016
Inclusion of looked after children in education Claire Leslie, Azra Mohammed 2015
Improving outcomes for care leavers : evaluating a care leaver’s assessment of need tool Wendy Harrington 2006
Improving literacy through storytelling in residential care Irene Stevens et al. 2008
Improving child care in India through the development of the Questionnaire to Assess Needs of Children in Care (QANCC) Kiran Modi, Emaya Anbalagan, Radhika Shroff, Nidhi Singhal 2018
Implications of translational research for the field of residential child care Michael Nunno, Martha Holden 2014
Identifying speech, language and communication needs among children in residential care Susan McCool, Irene Stevens 2011
How Can the Bird that is Born for Joy Sit in a Cage and Sing ? Patrick Fisher 2014
Home and belonging: Mapping what matters when moving on Robin Dallas-Childs and Danny Henderson 2020
Holistic Special Education Camphill Principles and Practice Reviewed by Jeremy Millar 2006
HMS Mars: An industrial school in the late 19th century Christine Whyte 2021
Hiding in Plain Sight: Exploring Scotland’s ill health Mike Findlay 2018
Helping looked after children and young people cope when they are ill Ann Wilson 2009
Helping children in care cope with loss and change - Nature’s way Caroline Jay 2015
Healing environments for children who have experienced trauma: an IRISS Evidence Search and Summary Service outline. Dan Johnston 2019
Hard to know what to do: How residential child care workers experience the mental health needs of young people Judy Furnivall 2007
Good Enough Care? Looking After Sexually Abused Young People in Residential Settings Autumn Roesch-Marsh 2005
GLBTQ RCC NYC USA: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning and residential child care in New York City, United States of America Mike Sutherland 2009
George Hollowell reviewing: Promoting healthy childhood development today James R. Harris, Jr., Ph.D 2010
Gender and restraint training. Why are all the trainers men and why might this really matter? Brodie Paterson, Bryan Shewry, Patrick Bradley and Vaughan Bowie 2018
From residential unit to permanent foster care: Reflections on one child’s journey towards legal permanence in Scotland Aileen Nicol 2016
From procedural child rights education to a relational child rights-based practice model Tara Collins, Kiaras Gharabaghi, Sheldon Caruana, Shannon Cherry, and Richard Marcano-Henry 2021
From ‘Another kind of home’ to ‘A different kind of family’ Max Smart and Andy Thorpe 2020
Fostering Restoration: The impact of love and second families in residential care Rose Ann Obenque 2016
Forgotten connections: Reviving the concept of upbringing in Scottish child welfare Mark Smith 2013
Forgotten Children Judy Furnivall 2004
Fellowship as social-pedagogical treatment Mogens Jensen 2018
Family based care as an alternative care option Anuja Bansal 2018
Families: difficult to speak about? Tarja Pösö 2007
Falling through the cracks: critical review of the deinstutionalization process in post-socialist state Kārlis Lakševics, Artūrs Pokšāns and Kristians Zalāns 2018
Faith hope and love in social work practice Hannah Ravdale 2016
Eyes of identification: challenges and opportunities in leveraging highly visible, multiple-level histories Debra Rosser, Shurlee Swain 2013
Extending out-of-home care in the State of Victoria, Australia Philip Mendes 2021
Exploring the role of performance indicators in residential child care Russell Sutherland 2007
Exploring the Perceptions of Young People in Care and Care Leavers of their Health Needs Julie Ridley, Steven McCluskey 2003
Exploring the barriers and facilitators to health research with children and young people who are looked after Hannah Dale and Lorna Watson 2010
Examining the complexity of Placement Stability in Residential Out of Home Care in Australia: How important is it for facilitating good outcomes for young people? Jenna Bollinger 2017
Everyday Parenting with Security and Love: Using PACE to Provide Foundations for Attachment Lorraine Sillars 2018
Everyday life in focus in residential child care Helle Schjellerup Nielsen 2010
Evaluation of Dolly Parton's Imagination Library Fiona Buggy 2016
Evaluation of a short training programme for foster carers Sinead Braiden 2016
Evaluation of a DBT group within adolescent residential care Katie McIntyre 2020
Ethics: Also for young people? Exploring the explicit imparting of ethics as a possible approach in social education Terje Halvorsen 2013
Ethics of care: Critical advances in international perspectives Richard Ingram 2016
Entering Norwegian Treatment Collectives. Arvid Lone with Erik Paulsen 2017