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Title Authors Year
Enduring Wisdom: Towards a Comprehensive History of Professional Child and Youth Care James Anglin, Larry Brendtro 2017
Enduring principles in a changing world Melissa Hunt 2019
Encouraging reading among children in care: the Edinburgh Reading Champion project Colm Linnane 2008
Empathic Care for Children with Disorganised Attachments: A Model for Mentalizing, Attachment and Trauma-Informed Care Nicola Kieran 2015
Efficacy of family-based care as compared to institutional care: A careful review K. Bhuvaneswari and Sibnath Deb 2016
Effective communication between schools and residential houses: Establishing a good practice framework Lesley Fraser 2008
Educating children and young people in care: Learning placements and caring schools Iain Matheson and Lisa Lee 2016
Editorial Volume 9.2 Alan Macquarrie 2010
Editorial Volume 9.1 Irene Stevens 2010
Editorial Volume 8.2 Steven McCluskey 2009
Editorial Volume 8.1 Laura Steckley 2009
Editorial Volume 7.2 Graham Connelly 2008
Editorial volume 7.1 Irene Stevens 2008
Editorial Volume 6.2 Irene Stevens 2007
Editorial Volume 6.1 Steven Paterson 2007
Editorial volume 5.2 Deirdre Watson 2006
Editorial volume 5.1 Irene Stevens 2006
Editorial Volume 4.2 Sandy Cameron 2005
Editorial Volume 4.1 Irene Stevens 2005
Editorial Volume 3.1 Jennifer Davidson 2004
Editorial volume 2.2 Kirstie Maclean 2003
Editorial Volume 2.1 Andrew Kendrick 2003
Editorial Volume 15.3 Mark Smith 2016
Editorial Volume 15.2 Laura Steckley 2016
Editorial Volume 15.1 Graham Connelly 2016
Editorial Volume 14.3 Laura Steckley 2015
Editorial Volume 14.2 Leslie Hicks 2015
Editorial Volume 14.1 Graham Connelly 2015
Editorial Volume 13.3 - Commemorating Kilbrandon’s Vision Raymond Taylor 2014
Editorial Volume 13.2 Laura Steckley 2014
Editorial Volume 13.1 Graham Connelly 2014
Editorial Volume 12.3 Laura Steckley 2013
Editorial Volume 12.2 Janine Bolger 2013
Editorial Volume 12.1 Graham Connelly 2013
Editorial Volume 11.1 Irene Stevens 2011
Editorial Volume 10.1 Elizabeth King 2011
Editorial Volume 1.1 Andrew Kendrick 2002
Editorial Alan Macquarrie 2017
Editorial Graham Connelly 2017
Editorial Dr Graham Connelly 2017
Editorial Joanne McMeeking 2018
Editorial Dr Graham Connelly 2019
Editorial Graham Connelly 2019
Editorial Graham Connelly 2021
Editorial Chris Walter and Charlotte Wilson 2018
Editorial Graham Connelly 2018
Editorial Graham Connelly 2020
Editorial Dr Graham Connelly 2019
Editorial Graham Connelly 2018
Editorial Graham Connelly 2020
Editorial Graham Connelly 2021
Editorial Dr Graham Connelly 2020
Early Institutional Provision in Scotland for Disabled Children Iain Hutchison 2004
Don't touch! The educational story of a panic Laura Steckley 2010
Doing Relationship-based Social Work, A Practical Guide to Building Relationships and Enabling Change Jimmy Paul 2017
Dogs and pets in fostering and adoption Michael Scanlin 2016
Do you seek to be a specialist therapeutic residential care provider for children and young people who have complex needs? Richard Cross 2010
Do you love me: An empirical analysis of the feeling of love amongst children in out-of-home care Mette Lausten and Signe Frederiksen 2016
Discovering Camphill: a personal narrative Thom Garfat 2011
Director's leadership and burnout among residential child care workers: Possible implications for practice Shulamit Pinchover et al 2015
Diary: Olivia Khan Olivia Khan 2018
Development of a Model of Behaviour Analysis in a Residential Service for Children with Autism Lindsay Barrie, Vivienne Richardson 2003
Developing team resilience Adrian Graham 2019
Developing Quality Indicators for Learning with Care Graham Connelly 2003
Developing philosophical discussions with children and young people in residential care homes Terje Jostein Halvorsen 2021
Developing mental and physical wellness for looked after young people through a fitness and nutritional guidance programme: A pilot study Noelle FitzGerald, Cian Aherne 2014
Developing inclusive education policy and practice for looked after children Joe Francis 2008
Developing a policy for sexual health education Diane Ballantyne 2011
Delving Deeper to Come Back Stronger Iain MacRitchie 2020
David Lane reviewing: Residential care: A positive future Terry Philpot 2010
Daring greatly: How the courage to be vulnerable transforms the way we live love parent and lead Chris Walter 2016
Cultivating human beings not human doings: Challenging discourses of self-care Nicole Little 2016
Crossing the paradigm of self Niall Reynolds 2020
Creativity with Care During COVID-19 Paul Sullivan 2021
Creating stimulating environments for young people in residential care: the Israeli youth village ‘ecological’ model Emmanuel Grupper 2005
Creating a space for strangers Kirsty Hamilton and Kathleen Mulvey 2010
Creating a safe place to sleep: an analysis of night care staff interventions to reduce evening and night-time disturbance in a residential care unit Margaret Conlon 2005
Creating a Place for Us: An Overview of FICE Young People’s Event Irene Stevens 2004
Create Space for Collaboration: can we help each other participate in participation? Paul Sullivan 2018
COVID-19, the journey from crisis to opportunity: Experiences of young people in residential child care and their carers Elaine Hamilton & Niamh Miller 2020
Costs, benefits and mechanisms of animal-assisted therapy: adopting a change in perspective Vanessa Wilson 2018
Corporate Parenting in the Classroom Bruce Adamson 2018
Core skills appraisal project Eleanor Rafferty 2008
Contextualising the findings: The Orkney Social Pedagogy Evaluation Evelyn Vrouwenfelder 2013
Considering sensory processing issues in trauma affected children: The physical environment in children’s residential homes Christopher Robinson and Alicia Madeleine Brown 2016
Consequences for the child welfare system in Catalonia Daniel Ortega 2020
Conference reflections: EUSARF 2012 Laura Steckley 2013
Compassion fatigue, compassion satisfaction and work engagement in residential child care Dr Kerry Audin, Dr Jolanta Burke, Dr Itai Ivtzan 2018
Communication impairments in children in residential care: an overlooked aspect of their education and well-being? Susan McCool 2008
Coblehaugh: An account of the redevelopment of a children’s home Wilma Stickle 2014
Closer to children and families: Benefits and costs of improvements to children’s residential care in Slovakia Lucia Hargašová 2019
Close Enough? Professional Closeness and Safe Caring Andrew Kendrick and Mark Smith 2002
Children’s stories: A GP perspective Lesley Morrison 2009
Children’s Social Work Statistics (incorporating the Children Looked after Statistics) Ben Farrugia 2015
Children’s Homes: A History of Institutional Care for Britain’s Young Ben Quail 2017
Children's Quest for love and professional child protection work: The case of Norway Cecilie Basberg Neumann 2016
Children, families and care: Reflections on the first sixty years of FICE (Fédération Internationale des Communautés Educatives) Graham Connelly 2008
Children, Autonomy and the Courts: Beyond the Right to be Heard Robert Porter 2019
Children and young people's worlds. Developing frameworks for integrated practice Peter Evans 2011