The Journal Editors

Founding Editor and Chair of Editorial Board

Professor Andrew Kendrick, Professor of Residential Child Care, School of Social Work and Social Policy, University of Strathclyde
Contact: andrew.kendrick@strath.ac.uk


Dr Graham Connelly, CELCIS and School of Social Work and Social Policy,University of Strathclyde
Contact: g.connelly@strath.ac.uk

Editorial Board

  • Professor Andrew Kendrick, University of Strathclyde (Chair)
  • Professor Claire Cameron, University College London
  • Dr Graham Connelly, University of Strathclyde
  • Dr Leon Fulcher, TransformAction International
  • Dr Kiaras Gharabaghi, Ryerson University
  • Dr Iain Matheson, Massey University
  • Robyn Kemp, Social Care and Social Pedagogy Consultant
  • Jackie Schiller, Highland Council
  • Dr Andrew Schneider-Munoz, National Center for Innovation and Excellence
  • Chris Walter, Camphill School
  • Charlotte Wilson, East Park School
  • Dr Irene Stevens
  • Raymond Taylor, North Lanarkshire Council
  • Dr Mark Smith, University of Edinburgh
  • Thom Garfat, TransformAction International