Published, 25 April 2018

Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse publishes Interim Report

The report identifies society's reluctance to discuss child sexual abuse and the lack of transparency by some on the failure of their institutions to protect children from sexual abuse.

The Inquiry has held five public hearings, seven seminars and over 1,000 people took part in its Truth Project. Using the contributions from victims and survivors, the Inquiry provides evidence of the lifelong impact of abuse.

Professor Alexis Jay, Chair of the Inquiry, said:

"The Interim Report draws all this together and provides a clear account of our work so far. It sets out the key themes emerging from our work and where the Panel and I identify changes which we think will help better protect children, we say so. This report includes 18 new recommendations.

"We have much work still to do and evidence to hear - we will hold a further eight public hearings in the next 12 months alone, but we are making good progress."

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