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Key areas of work

We believe in making positive, lasting differences for children and young people. To do that, the people, organisations and systems that touch their lives need to be properly supported and trained, and encouraged to gain a deep understanding of how making a difference really pays off.

Our highly experienced staff share their specialist knowledge and skills with a wide range of partners by delivering a unique package of services in numerous areas of expertise, including: permanence, throughcare and aftercare, education, health and wellbeing, historical abuse and international.



Find out how we help develop systems which ensure that every looked after child in Scotland is quickly provided with a settled, secure and permanent place to live 

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Historical abuse


Our specialist skills are used to support survivors of abuse in residential care as well as service provideres and others to implement solutions that secure access to justice for survivors.

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Throughcare & aftercare


Leaving care is a huge life event for looked after young people. Find out how we're developing a new norm of ongoing support to help them take those big steps successfully              

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Health & wellbeing


To support traumatised children in the best possible way, we're working to encourage understanding and love, and aiming for long term good health and emotional strength 

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The stats for looked after children at school don't make good reading, but we're doing multi-agency work to build on children's rich capacities and aspirations to secure a brighter future

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Children living in alternative care is a global concern and we are proud to participate in a two-way learning process with our colleagues in the international childcare community 

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Contact us

University of Strathclyde, Curran Building, Level 6
94 Cathedral St, Glasgow G4 0LG
0141 444 8500

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