Official statistics show that looked after children do far less well at school and when they leave school than other children from similar backgrounds. We say this is a simply unacceptable situation. Our key goal is to play a big part in narrowing the educational attainment gap for all looked after children.

We believe in building on the rich capacities, skills and aspirations of all looked after children. We work with teachers, carers and other professionals to ensure that every child receives the high quality and well rounded education they deserve. That way, we will close the gap completely.

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CELCIS publications

Response to Fair Funding Consultation

Response to Scottish Governments consultation on proposed funding arrangements to achieve excellence and equity in education. We…

Case Study

Improving the Transition to Secondary School for looked after children

An insightful presentation of a local authority project, on how to make the leap to secondary school easier.


Let’s stop referring to children by acronyms

Dr Graham Connelly discusses the use of acronyms when talking about looked after children and children in care.
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