We are rooted in research. We believe the greatest improvement in the lives of looked after children comes when a systematic approach is taken, one which bridges the gap between knowledge about what works well for children and their families, and the way services, policy and systems are delivered in the real world.

By bridging that gap, and by developing and sharing our collective knowledge and understanding, services and policies can be designed which match the needs of looked after children far more effectively. These new ways of working will make long-term, tangible improvements in children's life experiences and outcomes.

What we do

We work in tandem with partners and our research contributes significantly to an expanding evidence base which is easily accessed by everyone. We play a leading role in the collation and dissemination of existing and new research for the sector in Scotland, and across the UK, with our own research findings being regularly added to the mix.

How we can help

In practical terms, our research team can provide specialist support and guidance on a one-off or ongoing basis. We offer qualitative and quantitative research expertise using a range of approaches using data gathered from interviews, surveys, online tools, focus groups and other methods.

A further string to our research bow is evaluation - evaluation of our own work as well as evaluating work being delivered by others in the sector. By applying robust and sensitive evaluative processes, we’re able to accurately assess the effectiveness and impact being made by individual projects, services and whole systems.

Looking for support?

Our research team can tell you all about our research and evaluation services and how we can help in your workplace. 

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CELCIS research

Study of independent supported accommodation providers in Scotland

We've published a qualitative study to examine independent supported accommodation commissioned by local authorities in Scotland.

Creative Consortium: Children and young people in residential care engagement in music

A research project which addressed how looked after children and young people accessed music opportunities, if at all, what barriers there were, and h…

In and beyond the care setting: relationships between young people and care workers: A literature review

The report summarises important learning from academic and other literature about relationships between young people and those caring for them.

CELCIS evaluation

Just out having a good time?

Evaluation of the pilot National Partnership Agreement for Looked After Children who go missing from Residential and Foster Care in Scotland

Initial evaluation of the ‘Why Not?’ initiative developed by Care Visions

This short document provides a summary of initial learning from data gathered for an evaluation of the Why Not? initiative. The study was commissioned…

Supporting Kinship Families

Report from the evaluation of the Notre Dame Centre’s support programme for kinship families


I used to, but ...

Research into how music could and should help shape the experiences of children and young people in residential care settings.

Young people's research at Barnardo's

Guest blogger Fiona Bennett of Barnardo's Scotland describes the Family Firm Action Research project.
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