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Pride in Practice

Tuesday 26 September | Wednesday 27 September

Social Pedagogical Leadership Course

Tuesday 5 September 2017 | Wednesday 6 September 2017 | Thursday 7 September 2017

Course content

This course provides a three-day opportunity for leaders to explore how key principles in social pedagogy translate into leadership, what this means for you, your team and wider organisation, and most importantly, how social pedagogical leadership can benefit children, young people and their families.

Course themes

  • Core concepts in social pedagogy and their implications for leadership
  • Introduction to and perspectives on social pedagogical leadership
  • Leadership as pedagogy
  • The notion of Haltung and ethics as foundational for social pedagogical practice
  • The pedagogy of listening and recognition for leaders
  • Nurturing motivation
  • Creating, developing and sustaining a social pedagogical culture of care
  • Myths and mechanisms of scaling and diffusion

To ensure that all course participants have a basic understanding of social pedagogy prior to this course, we will provide you in advance with reading materials.

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(Please note this course is being administered and delivered by Thempra and is not a CELCIS course).

Event details

When: 5, 6 & 7 September 2017
Where: Townhead Village Hall, 60 St Mungo Avenue, Glasgow, G4 0PL
Cost: 1 person (self-funded): £300 + VAT,1 person (employer-funded): £360 + VAT

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Sylvia Holthoff
Thempra Trainer