Learning and development

When you're looking for flexible staff training and professional development opportunities tailored to fit your exact needs, we can help. And when you and your staff want the chance to listen, learn or exchange ideas about the latest thinking, research and good practice, we can help with that too.

And that's because we take professional and personal development seriously. We know that the work being done with looked after children and their families by practitioners, carers and professionals can be highly rewarding, but is also sometimes complex and challenging. It's the kind of work which requires real skill, expertise, knowledge and understanding, a skill set which needs to be regularly refreshed and updated.


We support the sharing of knowledge, information, latest thinking and good practice from right across the sector, and we do this through our programme of events and conferences. We:

  • Host two annual conferences for staff, managers and organisations delivering services and care for looked after children.
  • Host, facilitate and contribute expertise to a wide range of seminars, workshops and learning and development opportunities.
  • Provide specialist speakers from our own highly skilled workforce to share the CELCIS experience at your conference or event.

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