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Child protection committees Scotland

Child Protection Committees Scotland (CPCScotland) brings together a wealth of knowledge and expertise from the multi-agency child protection community.

Child Protection Committees Scotland has a pivotal role to play, in conjunction with the Scottish Government and other partners in the protection of children across the country, by supporting the development and delivery of efficient and effective processes, common standards, and continuous improvement.

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Key role and function of CPCScotland

The following are the key objectives which underpin the operation of CPCScotland meetings:

  • Share, exchange, and promote child protection policy and practice developments: best practice and agree action on areas of shared concern
  • Inform national policy and practice developments in respect of child protection
  • Agree inputs from other parts of the Scottish Government or other agencies, as appropriate.
  • Share issues in relation to impact and implementation of new legislation, policy and practice guidance in respect of child protection
  • Promote opportunities for peer support and networking
  • Contribute to the wider public protection agenda

CPCScotland has established working groups or sub-groups which are aligned to national child protection priorities. CPCScotland sets their role, remit, reporting arrangements and membership. Short life working groups are established as and when required.

CELCIS is responsible for coordinating and facilitating the CPCScotland meetings and any other related tasks.

In addition, there is a key role to inform CPCScotland members of pertinent research and practice developments nationally and internationally, and bringing any relevant additional matters to the attention of CPCScotland members for information and/or discussion.

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