Getting it right for each and every child in Scotland in need of care and protection is at the heart of CELCIS's permanence improvement and trauma informed work.

We recognise that what ‘getting it right’ looks like is unique to each child’s developmental needs and personal family circumstances. You can read more about this by exploring our Permanence and Care Excellence (PACE) resource, which centres on developing practice and improvement around permanence decision making.

Graphic - The four routes to permanence - Adoption, Home with parents, Kinship care order and Permanence order.

For a small number of children permanence means legal adoption, which is a deeply significant lifelong decision. Adoption practice demands sensitive holistic assessment, building relationships of trust and lifelong child development informed support for everyone involved, including the child, their parents, their brothers and sisters, practitioners and prospective adoptive families.

Linda Davidson, Permanence Consultant at CELCIS, is Chair of the national Adoption Task Force, which aims to enable and support the development of best adoptive practice for all concerned. More information on the Task Force is available at the link below.

Read more about the Adoption Task Force


The latest evaluation and research in to adoption has produced a wide variety of reports, articles and statistics. These include: 

Adoption Week Scotland 2019 Practitioner Workshop

Watch the presentations from our Practitioner Workshop held during Adoption Week Scotland 2019, including a presentation from Richard Rose, Director of Child Trauma Intervention Services, presents on Therapeutic Life Story Work.

Watch the presentations

Mapping adoption support in Scotland - Part 1 - Initial findings

Read the findings

Mapping adoption support in Scotland - Part 2 - Guide to support services

Learn more

Adoption and permanence planning in Scotland

Read the article

Adoption Barometer report

Read the report


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CELCIS publications

Money Matters Access to Child Trust Funds and Financial Support

This briefing explains how to access Child Trust Funds, and any support that children or young people might need to access or manage their fund.


The Scottish Government’s Promise implementation plan 2022

The Scottish Government has produced an implementation plan setting out what it will do to Keep The Promise by 2030. This plan complements The Promise…


More than a promise: the imperative to make change happen

Claire Burns, Director (Acting), CELCIS – Centre for Excellence for Children’s Care and Protection, marks the first anniversary of The Promise.