Spotlight on topics affecting the lives of care experienced children, young people and their families

This page offers some more detailed insight into new developments and important topics for all those who care for children and young people, particularly people working in children’s services. 

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Physical restraint in residential child care

We are providing a platform for the voices of care experienced people and those working in residential child care to share perspectives on the challenging and…

A lonely youth in a dark alleyway

Child Sexual Exploitation

The sexual exploitation of children (CSE) in Scotland is a reality that must be recognised. Here you’ll find a range of information and resources to help you…

Implementing corporate parenting duties

Implementing corporate parenting duties

Scotland’s Corporate Parenting approach requires effective implementation of the duties and responsibilities introduced. This special series of implementation…


Corporate parenting

The Corporate Parenting new duties in the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 provide a fantastic opportunity for corporate parents to improve and…

Children and Young People Act

Children and Young People Act

This legislation introduced significant changes that have an impact on every aspect of children’s services in Scotland and on all stages of a child’s life, from…