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We improve children's lives by supporting people and organisations to drive long-lasting change in the services they need, and the practices used by people responsible for their care.

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Find out more about child protection policy and practice in Scotland.

Children in care disproportionately subject to unexplained school exits, study finds
April 18th
Foster, a Revealing Firsthand Look at Foster Care in The U.S., Debuts May 7 on HBO
April 17th
How to support pupils with adverse childhood experiences
April 17th
Calls for free bus tickets for poorer kids in Edinburgh
April 17th
I grew up in state care. To say that university has changed my life would be an understatement
April 16th
Vital allowance for poorer pupils falls by 1.6 million
April 16th
Tracy Kirk: Should smacking a child be against the law?
April 16th
MSP calls for police to be banned from placing children in cells
April 16th
Equal protection is about justice, not parenting styles
April 15th
Pioneering new international training launched to help support unaccompanied and separated children
April 12th


Guidance Resource

Inter-Agency Guidance for Child Trafficking

Year: 2013 | Topic: Child trafficking | Author: Scottish Government

What Works? A review of interventions to combat modern slavery

Year: 2018 | Topic: Child trafficking | Author: Walk Free Foundation
Consultations ResourcePolicy Resource

Response to the Scottish Government’s Consultation on the Job Grant

Year: 2019 | Topic: Corporate parenting, Throughcare and aftercare | Author: Lizzie Morton

Training and events

We support ongoing learning and the exchange of knowledge and good practice through a wide range of training packages, and an excellent programme of seminars, conferences and events.

5 March 2019

Caring for Vulnerable Children

Book our free online course to explore the approaches involved in caring for vulnerable children.
17 September 2018

Introduction to Active Implementation – Intermediate Level: Applying the frameworks and approach to your work

The intermediate course builds upon the content of the introductory sessions and provides an opportunity for participants to apply the…


PACE is changing

Carol Wassell, Permanence and Care Excellence programme lead at CELCIS, provides an update on a programme of work which is ma…

Human connections that change lives

To mark World Social Work Day, Janine Fraser, a Social Work Team Leader for Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership i…

One voice

Dr Chrissie Gale, CELCIS international lead, argues that we need agencies to unite with one voice if we want to uphold childr…