We are committed to making positive and lasting improvements in the wellbeing of Scotland's children living in and on the edges of care. Ours is a truly collaborative agenda; we work alongside partners, professionals and systems with responsibility for nurturing our vulnerable children and families. Together we work to understand the issues, build on existing strengths, introduce best possible practice and develop solutions.

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Government ready with Plan B for Named Person
August 11th
Exclusive: Schools 'not unsafe' for children in care, heads told
August 10th
Spending on Scots schools falls by £400m in a decade
August 6th
Giving young people a voice in Scottish politics
August 3rd
Beyond Harry Potter: telling the real stories of care experienced people
August 2nd
Lady Wise finds tests for participation in children’s hearing must satisfy Article 8 ECHR
August 1st
Children’s Hearing Panel Recruiting Panel Practice Advisors
August 1st
Hundreds of students 'missing out on bursary scheme'
July 26th
Disrupting toxic stress in children to prevent long-term health impacts
July 25th
City accused of ‘neglecting’ kids in care once they become adults
July 20th


If I wasn't emotionally involved, they wouldn't have thrived

Gordon Main continues the conversation on commitment, discussing the emotional investment of foster carers.

Getting It Right For Every… Journey

Jillian Ingram ponders how getting a train from A to B might just offer clues to how to meet children’s needs.

Commitment must be matched by deeds, not just words

Kenny McGhee continues the conversation from Gordon Main’s recent blog Commitment, like love, is not enough.
Pay Now, Train Later

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