What is participation?

Participation is the genuine, meaningful inclusion of people with lived experience in the decisions and design of services that affect their lives. Authentic participation respects the invaluable and unique perspectives that personal experience of an issue can bring. There are many different approaches and models of participation, including consultation, co-production and co-design, volunteering, campaigning and consultancy. All models have their benefits, but what is of utmost importance is that lived experience is valued, listened to and acted on.

Participation at CELCIS

At CELCIS, the participation of children of all ages, parents and carers, as well as adults with past care experience, both informs what we do in our work as well as how we do our work. We are continually learning and striving for participation to be embedded throughout our entire organisation. We advocate for and support participation by providing practical support to organisations in order to improve participation and co-production with children, young people and their families. We value the role that anyone with lived experience can play in supporting our work, no matter what age or stage. Over the years, we have worked alongside many people with care experience, their families and carers too. The insight this has added to our work has been invaluable and is growing all the time.

The Participation Network has moved home!

Between 2018 and early 2023 CELCIS hosted the Participation Network, a shared community space for people to collaborate and learn from each other. This fantastic community has entered a new chapter and has a new home with Staf (Scottish Throughcare & Aftercare Forum), who will provide continuity in hosting the Network’s events.

After some exciting discussions at the meeting of the Network in March 2023 there’s so much ahead for this brilliant community and CELCIS will continue to be part of the Steering Group.

Find out more about the Participation Network here

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