SIRCC 2022

Welcome to the SIRCC Online 2022 resources page

Our aim for SIRCC is to provide an inspiring space for you. It’s a place to connect, share and learn practice, challenge and inspire. We had a fantastic online event this year - take a look at the webinars.

Take a look at some of the events that took place over the two days of SIRCC 2022.

William Kahn

Bill Kahn - The Keynote Speaker

We were delighted to welcome Bill Kahn as our Keynote Speaker this year. Bill Kahn, Ph.D, is an organisational psychologist and Department Chair and Professor…

SPRAG review

SPRAG review

The Scottish Physical Restraint Action Group’s looking back and looking forward update video for 2022. CELCIS published a series of blog posts from different…

SJRCC volume 21.1

Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care 20th Anniversary

This autumn's 2022 issue of the Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care, marks 20 years since the journal was established. This issue’s leading article was…