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  Name   Title   Team   Get in touch   Bio  
Aileen Nicol Head of Improving Protection and Permanence Permanence 0141 444 8314
Ailsa Sharkey Learning and Events Coordinator Communications and Events
Alexander McTier Evidence and Evaluation Specialist Child Protection and neglect 0141 444 8000
Amanda Lawler Learning and Development Co-ordinator Training and events 0141 444 8535
Ben Farrugia Head of Development and Innovation SMT 0141 444 8532
Carol Wassell Permanence Consultant Lead Permanence 0141 444 8538
Carolann Anderson Permanence Data Analyst Permanence 0141 444 8569
Charlene Plunkett Research Associate Research
Charlotte Paterson Project Co-ordinator Project support 0141 444 8518
Chris Sweeney Policy Associate Permanence