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Caring about care means being ready to change

John Ryan reflects on the fight to continue to do best by Scotland’s children.
Topic : REACH, Residential care, Stigma
Author : John Ryan

"I just want to be normal": looked after young people's experiences of feeling different

Professor Julie Selwyn, from the University of Bristol, and Dr Claire Baker from Corum Voice talk about the Bright Spots programme looking at young people's wellbeing.
Topic : Health and Wellbeing, REACH, Voices of young people
Author : Professor Julie Selwyn, Dr Claire Baker

It’s okay to not be okay

Laura Sharpe from See Me to talks about the results of a survey looking at the mental health of young people in Scotland.
Topic : REACH, Stigma, Voices of young people
Author : Laura Sharpe

Going back to the Greeks: know thyself by stepping out of yourself

Fouzi Mathey Kikadidi explores how ignorance and labelling affects children and communities in France, arguing that empathy is essential in order to prevent stigma
Topic : REACH, Voices of young people
Author : Fouzi Mathey Kikadidi

How do you solve a problem like… stigma?

Daniel Busso of the Frameworks Institute writes about how stigma could be changed.
Topic : REACH, Stigma
Author : Daniel Busso
2018 Dec

Telling Stories

The representation of care experienced people in literature, film and storytelling.
Topic : REACH, Stigma, Voices of young people
Author : Charlotte Armitage

Unconscious bias in the interview room

Joe Rankin of the Nevis Group talks about whether young people should tell future employers that they're care experienced. With video of James Calder.

We can all learn about how young people can thrive in employment

Tommy McDade from Barnardo's Scotland talks about a programme that is supporting young people into the world of work for the first time.

Labels are for clothes not people

Introducing issue 12 of REACH, which explores stigma, language, perception and the representation of care and care experience.

Change the language of poverty

Chris Small from Children in Scotland explains how and why tackling stigma on poverty led to a new campaign for action to improve children's lives
Topic : REACH, Stigma
Author : Chris Small

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