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Could a minimum income guarantee help Scotland to keep The Promise?

For Challenge Poverty Week 2022, Paul Sullivan, Sector Engagement Lead and Lizzie Thomson, Policy Associate at CELCIS look the impact the cost of living crisis is having on families in Scotland, and CELCIS’s involvement in a project co-designed with care experienced children, their families, and partner organisations, to pilot a minimum income guarantee for care leavers in Scotland. They spoke with Sam Upton, a consultant at CELCIS with her own experience of care to get her thoughts.
Topic : Throughcare and aftercare, Financial Insecurity
Author : Paul Sullivan and Lizzie Thomson

A Wellbeing Economy: Lifting our gaze for those leaving care

For Challenge Poverty Week 2022, Jimmy Paul, Director at the Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll) Scotland, which works to promote a Wellbeing Economy, an economy that delivers social justice and environmental health for all, looks at what he thinks needs to happen for young people to have a smoother transition from care to interdependence, and asks why systems and services default to existing ways of working, instead of exploring new ways to ensure that all families can flourish and live with dignity.

The link between poverty, stigma, and the care ‘system’

Tiegan Boyens uses her experiences, views and knowledge to help improve the lives of children and young people, tackle social justice issues, and raise awareness of human rights. In this blog post, Tiegan, who is aged 19, adopted and lives in England, discusses why a greater understanding of poverty is needed to help make real change.
Topic : Foster care, Voices of young people, Financial Insecurity
Author : Tiegan Boyens

Money matters, so why do we make it so hard to get financial support?

As families continue to struggle financially this winter, CELCIS's Director (Acting) Claire Burns looks at how financial support can get to people who need it most and the new ways local authorities are working with families to do this.
Topic : Health and Wellbeing, Financial Insecurity
Author : Claire Burns

The cost of the implementation gap for young people

Megan Sutherland is Vice Chair of Who Cares? Scotland. She recently moved home and found it wasn’t easy to register as exempt from paying Council Tax as a care leaver. Here she discusses what she feels needs to change for care experienced young people in Scotland.

If you think poverty doesn’t affect you, you are part of the problem

Claire Burns, Director (Acting), CELCIS – Centre for Excellence for Children’s Care and Protection discusses how COVID-19 has exacerbated inequalities in society.
Topic : Health and Wellbeing, Legislation, Financial Insecurity
Author : Claire Burns

We can and must do more to provide food security for all

On World Food Day 2020, Paul Sullivan, Sector Engagement Lead at CELCIS, reflects on some of the existing food insecurities affecting families across Scotland and what the community-led responses during the public health emergency this year tell us.
Topic : Health and Wellbeing, Financial Insecurity
Author : Paul Sullivan

A fair financial deal for care experienced students

How the Student Support Review Group is trying to ensure care experienced students have a fair standard of living.

Care leavers don't get sanctioned in Falkirk thanks to Moneywise

Norma Brown of Falkirk Council describes their Moneywise project and the difference it's making to the lives of care leavers in the area.

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