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What you have to say about our Caring for Vulnerable Children MOOC

Course moderator Sarah Hume-Anthony gives a snapshot of the interactions on the CELCIS MOOC.
Topic : Child protection, Education, Health and Wellbeing, Local authority
Author : Sarah Hume-Anthony

I'm excited about a shindig and slice of cake

Charlie Gracie tells of a new creative writing comp for looked after children
Topic : Education, Voices of young people
Author : Charlie Gracie

Doctor Who and the care experienced new companion

Leanne Mattu, Research Associate at CELCIS, explores what Bill Potts’ character does and does not tell us about being in foster care
Topic : Education, Foster care, Throughcare and aftercare
Author : Leanne Mattu

How the Education Forum grew and evolved

How the Education Forum brings together those with an interest in the education of looked after children
Topic : Education, Local authority
Author : Graham Connelly

Get stuck in to Get Write In

Judge of our writing competition for care experienced children, Raymond Soltysek describes how creative writing can improve confidence.
Topic : Education, Voices of young people
Author : Raymond Soltysek

Has the term additional support needs simply become another way of saying special educational needs?

The differences between additional support needs and special education needs and how we need to be careful when using the terms.
Topic : Education
Author : Dr Lio Moscardini
2017 May

Just do it!

Louise Martin, the University of Strathclyde’s Widening Access Support Officer, and Jennifer Lynch Care leaver talk about going to university.

Relationships are everything

Kathy Allan from Adoption UK explains how an attachment awareness programme in East Lothian is helping looked after and adopted children have a better experience of school.

Using data creatively to highlight children's experiences

We need access to data at both population and individual levels if we're to be successful in improving the attainment of looked after children.
Topic : Education, Kinship care, Local authority, Looked after at home
Author : Graham Connelly

I used to, but ...

Research into how music could and should help shape the experiences of children and young people in residential care settings.

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