Published guidance, information and resources to help you

Here, we have gathered together key guidance, information and resources specific to those in the many professions across Scotland who work together to support, prevent harm and protect Scotland’s children.

 All information from the Scottish Government can be found here:

Protecting children workforce


guidance-icon-40x40.png Guidance from the Scottish Government on staying safe and protecting others (January 2022)

guidance-icon-40x40.png Guidance from the Scottish Government on getting tested in Scotland (January 2022)

guidance-icon-40x40.png Guidance for Chief Officers, Chief Social Work Officers and Child Protection Committees on the continuity of services (December 2021)

advice-ico-40x40.png  Advice from the Scottish Government for people at highest risk (January 2022)

guidance-icon-40x40.png Guidance from the Scottish Government on reducing the risks in schools (January 2022)

guidance-icon-40x40.png Guidance from the Scottish Government for school age childcare services (January 2022)

information-icon 40x40.png  Information from the Internet Watch Foundation about the risks of children being groomed and coerced online

advice-ico-40x40.png  Advice and resources from Childnet with online safety activities for children at home

advice-ico-40x40.png  Advice and help from the NSPCC about keeping children safe online

advice-ico-40x40.png guidance-icon-40x40.png  Advice and guidance from the Scottish Government for managers, social workers and social care providers arranging contact between looked after and accommodated children and young people and their families (Jan 2021)

advice-ico-40x40.png guidance-icon-40x40.png  Advice and guidance from the Scottish Government on supporting children and young people with complex additional support needs (Jan 2021)

guidance-icon-40x40.png Guidance from the Scottish Government on testing for COVID-19, including who is eligible for a test, how to get tested and the different types of test available (January 2022)

advice-ico-40x40.png  Advice from the British Government about ordering coronavirus rapid lateral flow tests for use at home (April 2021)

guidance-icon-40x40.png  Guidance from the Scottish Government for social work professionals to help them improve their awareness of domestic abuse and coercive behaviours

guidance-icon-40x40.png  Guidance from the Children's Hearings Improvement partnership on looked-after children and children’s hearings provisions

guidance-icon-40x40.png  Guidance from Social Work Scotland on a framework for decision-makers to ensure children in public care maintain strong connections with family 

advice-ico-40x40.png  Advice from the Care Inspectorate for care service providers 

advice-ico-40x40.png  Advice from Scottish Women's Aid for people experiencing domestic abuse

guidance-icon-40x40.png  Guidance from the British Association of Social Workers for social workers who may encounter domestic abuse and child welfare issues

during COVID-19

information-icon 40x40.png  Information from the Scottish Government for homelessness services

information-icon 40x40.png  Information from the Better Care Network on global responses to children's care and protection during the COVID-19 pandemic

information-icon 40x40.png  Information from the Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action, Technical note: Protection of children during the COVID-19 pandemic