Building Brighter Futures - CELCIS Strategy 2019-2024

Year: 2019
Author: CELCIS

Our new strategy, Building Brighter Futures, sets out our direction and purpose over the next five years, from 2019 - 2024. In developing our new strategy we consulted widely and considered the needs and opportunities of our remit across all our programmes and responsibilities, and how we work in partnership with our stakeholders, including care experienced children and young people.

Jennifer Davidson, Executive Director at CELCIS said:

"In our strategy we outline what drives us and what we are striving for. Our purpose is simple: to ensure children's needs and rights, and their development, are at the heart of the support services designed to protect them, care for them and enable them to learn, grow and thrive. We work on behalf of children, to support them and their families, and those caring for them."