CELCIS's commitment to keeping The Promise

Year: 2021
Topic: Active implementation, Adoption, Child protection, Child sexual exploitation (CSE), Child trafficking, Children's hearings system, Corporate parenting, Disability, Domestic abuse, Education, Emotional abuse, Fabricated or Induced Illness in children, Female Genital Mutilation, Foster care, Health and Wellbeing, Historical abuse, International, Kinship care, Legislation, Local authority, Looked after at home, Neglect, Online safety, Parental alcohol and/or drug use, Parental mental health, Permanence, Physical abuse, Residential care, Secure care, Sexual abuse, Stigma, Throughcare and aftercare, Voices of young people
Author: CELCIS

In February 2020, the findings and conclusions of Scotland’s Independent Care Review we published in a series of reports called The Promise.

As Scotland works to drive forward the changes shaped by this review, learn more about CELCIS’s response and our offer to work in collaboration with The Promise and those working to support children, young people and their families across Scotland to realise the ambitions set out.