Committee on the Rights of the Child 2021 Day of General Discussion Children’s Rights and Alternative Care Outcome Report

Year: 2022
Topic: International, Voices of young people
Author: UN Committee on the Rights of the Child

The 2021 Days of General Discussion was convened by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child and focused on children’s rights and alternative care and offered an opportunity to consider specific issues of relevance for children in or at the edges of care, and to consider how best their rights can be promoted and protected.

The recommendations of their report included:

  • Ensure that all children grow up in safe and nurturing families
  • Address the care needs and rights of children who are separated, unaccompanied or without care
  • Ensure access to justice and accountability for children and young people in alternative care and their families and adults who grew up in care
  • Deliver appropriate quality alternative care services in line with human rights standards
  • Transform the alternative care system towards family-based and community-based care

Details of the discussion can be found here.

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