Continuing Care and the Welfare Assessment: Practice Note

Year: 2020
Topic: Children's hearings system, Foster care, Legislation, Local authority, Residential care, Throughcare and aftercare
Author: Kenny McGhee (CELCIS), Julia Donnelly (Clan Childlaw), Alison Jamieson (Care Inspectorate)

Produced by CELCIS, the Care Inspectorate, and Clan Childlaw, this Practice Note clarifies the legislative requirements when undertaking a Welfare Assessment to support planning for a looked after young person to ‘stay put’ in a care placement under Continuing Care arrangements. It offers clear guidance on what needs to be considered, by whom and when, and supports the principle that Continuing Care should be considered the default option for young people who are looked after away from home on, or after, their 16th birthday. The Practice Note is intended to inform and support carers, practitioners, managers, and decision-makers in consistently implementing the Staying Put policy and Continuing Care legislation.


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