Education Forum – May 2021

Year: 2021
Topic: Education
Author: CELCIS

At our May 2021 Education Forum meeting we were delighted to welcome four Attainment Advisors from Education Scotland who shared information, insights and practical examples of their work as part of the the Scottish Attainment Challenge with a focus on improving attainment for care experienced children and young people.

They discussed how they ensure equity for the care experienced children and young people they work with, explaining the structures that they work within and the innovative and creative ways they engage with young people and their families to meeting their education, mental health and wellbeing needs.

Contributors then split into breakout rooms to consider these questions:

  • What practices, initiatives or projects are you aware of that promote equity in education for care experienced learners?
  • How do you or might you connect with other partners or agencies to improve educational outcomes for care experienced learners?
  • What do we need to be saying and doing differently in education to promote equity for care experienced learners?

The results of these discussions can be seen here: