Education Forum October 2022

Year: 2022
Topic: Education
Author: CELCIS

Emerging adulthood: Exploring the implications for Scotland's care experienced young people and those who care for, and support them

In this Education Forum Kenny McGhee, Throughcare and Aftercare Lead at CELCIS explored the notions and concepts around 'emerging adulthood', what this might mean for Scotland's care experienced young people, and how the people that support them can help to improve their experiences, provisions and outcomes as they transition from care to adulthood and independence.

Societally, the transition to adulthood can be a longer process now than it was a few years ago. Many young people, through choice or necessity, live longer with their parents or carers, and benefit from ongoing practical and financial support. This may include housing and living expenses, but also emotional and relational support and security.

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