Education Forum - September 2021

Year: 2021
Topic: Education, Health and Wellbeing
Author: CELCIS

At our latest Education Forum meeting. We were delighted to welcome Claire O'Hara, Programme Director, and Michael Wield, Programme Co-ordinator from the Each and Every Child initiative, which aims to support people at all levels in the community to shift how they communicate when speaking about care experience, and to change how they think, feel and act.

During the meeting, we spent some time in breakout rooms to discuss challenges we face in our daily lives when talking about care experience, how we can use framing techniques and the Each and Every Child Toolkit in our roles, and what other support we might need to implement the framing recommendations.

We’ve collated all of the information from the discussion and this is available by clicking below, along with a recording of the event.

Watch the recording

View the discussion materials