Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care Vol 19 No 3


This issue of the Journal brings together a collection of articles on COVID-19. We began a series of special features earlier in the pandemic with the intention of providing a real sense of how care experienced children and young people, and their carers were experiencing the crisis and these powerful articles tell of the experience of the last few months. We present a mixture of peer-reviewed articles and book reviews.

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Title Authors
Editorial Graham Connelly


Book reviews

For care experienced children and young people


guidance-icon-40x40.png Guidance from the Scottish Government on getting tested in Scotland (December 2021)

guidance-icon-40x40.png Guidance from the Scottish Government on reducing the risks in schools (November 2021)

guidance-icon-40x40.png Guidance from the Scottish Government on managing cases in schools and childcare settings (September 2021)

advice-ico-40x40.png  Advice helpline from Who Cares? Scotland open to Care Experienced people of any age across Scotland

advice-ico-40x40.png  Advice from the Children and Young People's Commissioner Scotland on your human rights

advice-ico-40x40.png  Advice from NSPCC to organisations about using social media safely with children and young people

information-icon 40x40.png  Information from Clan Childlaw on your rights and how the law affects them

advice-ico-40x40.png  Advice from the Scottish Throughcare and Aftercare Forum on benefits for young people

SJRCC Vol 19 No 3