Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care Vol 20 no 2

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This issue of The Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care has been published to coincide with the Scottish Institute of Residential Child Care conference – ‘SIRCC 2021 Online’. The theme of this year’s conference is ‘The Workforce’ – highlighting the experiences, challenges, and opportunities of those working in residential child care. This issue includes the transcript of the 2021 Kilbrandon Lecture on 'Labours of Love: The Crisis of Care', which specifically considered aspects of the complex task of providing quality care. The issue features six peer-reviewed articles, covering topics from life after residential care to applying implementation science to residential care, as well as nine shorter articles reporting on practice or contemporary issues, including the first ever Care Experienced History Month and the UN Day of General Discussion on Children’s Rights and Alternative Care.

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Editorial Graham Connelly

Peer reviewed articles

Commentary, reflections and other articles

Kilbrandon Lecture

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Kilbrandon Lecture Madeleine Bunting

Book reviews

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Book review Kate Mackinnon and Rosie Moore
Scottish journal of residential chld care September 2021