Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care Vol 21 No 1

SJRCC 20th anniversay

Welcome to the spring 2022 issue of the Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care (SJRCC). This year marks the Journal’s 20th anniversary. The Journal was first published, in hard copy, in autumn of 2002 and we have exciting plans to mark this important milestone later in the year. This issue includes the transcript from the 2022 Kilbrandon Lecture on 'A rights-respecting approach for children who offend: Building on Kilbrandon’s vision'. There's also seven peer-reviewed articles covering topics from the emotional difficulties young adults face in India when they need to leave their care settings without support, to the future of voluntary children's residential providers in Ireland. There are three short articles, including one from Professor Andrew Kendrick, the first Editor of the Journal back in 2002.

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Editorial Graham Connelly, Sarah Deeley

Peer reviewed articles

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Kilbrandon Lecture

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