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Welcome to the spring 2024 issue of the Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care. The Scottish Parliament recently passed the Children (Care and Justice)(Scotland) Bill which, following Royal Assent, will become the Children (Care and Justice) (Scotland) Act 2023. In the context of the criminal justice system in Scotland, the Act will change the legal meaning of the term ‘child’ to encompass all under 18s in both the care and criminal justice systems. In practice, this means that the Kilbrandon principle whereby children in conflict with the law should have the care and protection of the Children’s Hearings System is extended to 16- and 17-year-olds and brings to an end the practice of using young offenders’ institutions and adult prisons, even temporarily, as a placement.

This really full issue is packed with long-form, peer-reviewed research papers, short articles, conference reviews, and book reviews. It also includes the full-text transcripts 21st Kilbrandon Lecture ‘Resisting the Marginalisation, Regulation and Criminalisation of Children and Young People’ given by Professor Emeritus Phil Scraton of Queen’s University Belfast at the University of Strathclyde, as well as a response given by Shumela Ahmed, care experienced activist, community educator and co-founder and managing director of the Resilience Learning Partnership.

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