Love InC project final report

Year: 2022
Topic: Active implementation
Author: CELCIS, Aberlour, The Care Inspectorate and Includem

In October 2016, the First Minister made a commitment that Scotland would “come together and love its most vulnerable children to give them the childhood they deserve.” She announced an Independent Root and Branch Review of Care (“the Care Review”), driven by those with experience of care.

The Independent Care Review listened to those with experience of living and working in and around the ‘care system’ to understand what needed to change and The Promise Scotland is responsible for driving the work of change demanded by the findings of the Independent Care Review.

“Children who have lived in the ‘care system’ told the Care Review that they want to be loved but have often not felt they were. That needs to change too. Scotland does not need rules about love. Love is not about rules. What is really important is that children are loved and feel loved. Children said that they want the relationships that are important to them to be protected and allowed to grow.”

The Pinkie Promise, Independent Care Review

How we ensure care is a loving experience for our children and young people was a question asked by the senior leaders of organisations at a Life Changes Trust event, which developed into the Love InC project, and for the past three years this partnership between CELCIS, Aberlour, the Care Inspectorate and Includem has been exploring this with children and young people and the workforce.

This final report shares the contextual background for the project, the approach and the findings, and the accompanying videos will continue to help the workforce explore with young people and amongst themselves how to build a narrative and understanding that love must be a core part of every child or young person’s experience of care in order for them to thrive.

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Love InC have a recording of the insight session they have delivered to the workforce:


Love InC have a number of recorded conversations with their project partners, funders, and the Love InC project team, discussing what they have learnt about love, relationships and connections during this project.