Child Protection Committees’ processes and practices in relation to Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse: description of self-evaluations

Year: 2017
Topic: Child sexual exploitation (CSE)
Author: National Child Sexual Exploitation Group

The National Child Sexual Exploitation Group asked all Child Protection Committees (CPCs) to complete a self-evaluation of their activities around Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (CSE/A) in autumn 2016. CPCs were asked to rate themselves as green (in place), amber (getting there) or red (not in place) on 19 questions relating to CSE/A work, and to provide narrative comments.

This report summarises the 25 responses received, covering 28 local authority areas and all three of the CPC consortium areas (East, West, North). The self-evaluation ratings are discussed here as where CPCs report high, medium or low confidence in their activities. These self-evaluations (and the narrative comments) have not been independently verified or evaluated. This report should not therefore be taken to endorse the CPCs’ self-evaluations, nor any particular aspects of their activities, but rather to summarise local perceptions of activities around CSE/A as reported by the CPCs.