Parents In Partnership Programme evaluation 2017

Year: 2017
Topic: Education, Health and Wellbeing, Kinship care, Looked after at home
Author: Linda O'Neill, Leanne Mattu, Richard Withington and Vicki Welch

'Parents in Partnership' is a model for a parental involvement project, developed in Renfrewshire and undertaken for the first time in one Renfrewshire Council high school in 2015.

The model was revised in response to feedback from the 2015 participants, and in 2016 'Parents in Partnership' was expanded into three schools, which were supported by CELCIS to implement this approach. In the 2015 iteration of Parents in Partnership, the project was funded to increase parental and carer involvement and to support them during their child's transition from primary to high school.

The aims remain consistent within the 2016 project, with the additional aim of beginning to explore how an increase in children's attainment might be related to parental and carer involvement.