A programme of improvement to address neglect and enhance wellbeing

Year: 2017
Topic: Active implementation, Child protection, Local authority
Author: Mellisa Van Dyke, Sharon Glasgow, Fiona Mitchell, Eleanor McClorey, Claire Burns (June - August report)

These are our reports to the Scottish Government about work with three local areas, Dundee, Perth and Kinross and Inverclyde, to address neglect and enhance wellbeing. CELCIS is working alongside these local areas to build local capacity to support complex system improvements to ensure that local area systems, organisations, and communities have what they need to get it right for every child and their families, as early and as effectively as possible.

This work is a key strand of the Child Protection Improvement Programme (CPIP) for Scotland, led by the Protecting Children Programme at CELCIS.

There are four update reports covering the periods: September 2016 - May 2017; June to August 2017; September - December 2017; and January - March 2018.

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