A response from CELCIS to Healthcare Improvement Scotland and the Care Inspectorate’s consultation on the Draft Standards for Bairns’ Hoose

Year: 2022
Topic: Child protection, Health and Wellbeing
Author: Ruth Sills, Kate Mackinnon

CELCIS welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Draft Standards for Bairns’ Hoose. We are broadly supportive of the standards, however we urge that standards relating to support through court and legal proceedings as well as health and wellbeing, be more ambitious. Clear direction should be given in the standards that no child should be in a court room. Where it is required, children should interact with court proceedings by providing evidence in advance, or by live video link from a Bairns’ Hoose premises. We also recommend that the standards be explicit that Forensic Medical Examinations should occur in a Bairns’ Hoose when this is in the best interest of a child. For the standards to the intended impact on children will require clear and robust planning for implementation, including support from across strategic leadership to obtain adequate resourcing.