A response from CELCIS to the UK Government consultation on data sharing to support early learning and childcare in Scotland

Year: 2022
Topic: Disability, Education, Local authority
Author: Kate Mackinnon and Alexander McTier

Here we respond to the consultation by the UK Government’s Digital Cabinet Office on the draft Digital Government (Disclosure of Information) Regulations 2022. We consider the changes proposed by this consultation to how certain information could be shared between agencies (HMRC and DWP), Scottish Government and local authorities in Scotland, to enable local authorities to contact families who are eligible for funded early learning and childcare provision.

We consider how this change could increase awareness of funded early learning and childcare provisions for eligible families, as well as what further planning may be required for processes around sharing information and communication with families. We also highlight the importance of ensuring that, alongside any efforts to increase awareness of funded early learning and childcare provision, there is also attention to ensuring that provision suitable for the needs of every child, as well as their parents, is available throughout Scotland.