Scottish Government publish a progress report on Corporate Parenting in Scotland

Year: 2021
Topic: Corporate parenting
Author: The Scottish Government

The Scottish Government have published ‘Caring for our children and young people: An update on Scotland's Corporate Parenting 2018-21’, detailing how Scotland’s corporate parents have delivered on their duties to support children and young people with care experience.

The reporting period covers the COVID-19 pandemic which has impacted on all aspects of society, including the public bodies, agencies and services who are the corporate parents of Scotland’s children and young people.

The report aims to become a useful learning resource for corporate parents and it:

  • includes the Scottish Government’s activities, and the activities of local authorities, universities, colleges, health boards, and national bodies;
  • considers the factors that enabled and inhibited organisations in advancing their corporate parenting activities, before setting out what corporate parents view as their future priorities into 2021-2024;
  • assesses the impact of Scotland’s corporate parenting activities on our care experienced children and young people, using nationally available statistical indicators to do so; and
  • concludes by considering the key learning from this review of the 2018-21 corporate parenting activities and setting out some key areas for future development and improvement as we continuously seek to better support care experienced children and young people.

Alongside the report is a review of corporate parenting plans has been published analysing how the plans (a specific requirement of the Act) of 85 different corporate parents have been created and developed.

Read the report

Read the review of corporate parenting plans