SIRCC 2020 Online | The Extraordinary Ordinary

Year: 2020
Topic: Residential care, SIRCC, Voices of young people
Author: CELCIS

Our theme for this year's SIRCC conference was 'The extraordinary ordinary: the power of everyday care'. It has never been more true or important than this year, with lockdown, schools having been closed, and the COVID-19 public health emergency changing how we work and communicate.

We've been hearing how working practices have adapted to continue to provide the best care for children and young people in residential child care across Scotland, in exceptionally challenging and difficult circumstances. We've heard wonderful stories and experiences from you and our children and young people and we asked you to share these during SIRCC 2020 Online.

This video is a compilation of submissions from Kibble, Harmeny Education Trust and NetherJohnstone House, of pictures, audio, video and drawings submitted to the #ExtraordinaryOrdinary campaign, highlighting what residential child care has meant to young people and workers during the past few months.

SIRCC online 2020